Monday, 13 February 2017

Hobby update - Tripod now available!

Greetings all, welcome to the latest look into my hobby station - let's have a look at what progress I've been making in February shall we?

Ok so let's take a look at my commission stuff first - and first up is the terminator librarian. I had originally been hoping to get this guy completely finished this week, but haven't quite managed that. He should certainly be done in the next few days though.

In terms of progress from last week, I've started work on all the books detailed on his armour, his tabard is complete (Khorne Red, Wazdakka Red, Squig Orange) and I've got most of the other detail work sorted.

This was one of the main reasons I didn't manage to finish the libby - on Thursday I played another game with my dusk knights, and after the disastrous result of my narrative game last week where I had nearly 40% of my force missing for three turns due to poor reserve rolls, I wasn't going to go into another game without a third drop pod. I finally got it finished midweek so I now have three fully painted pods available to me in future games. 

After that then, it was time to start thinking about my list for the next narrative game and what I'd want to take. I drafted something out regardless of what was painted, working on the basis that I wanted it to be an effective drop force, the classic marine tactic of striking hard and fast from the skies, becoming the true angels of death.

There was a downside. It means I needed to finish painting 26 more infantry models before we could play the game.

One punishing painting schedule later and Ryan and I figured we'd do it anyway. 2nd March is the day we've pencilled in for the next game, so I had 3 weeks to get all those models finished (it kinda runs similar to Rory Priest's squadary deadlines, so whilst I'm not technically taking part in that challenge, I felt like I was at least paying more than lip service to the idea!

Here's the first two squads on my paint station - I took an almost identical list to the Golovin game to club again in the hopes that my dice would be a bit more reliable this time, and I'm pleased to say they were. Neither of us had appallingly bad luck, or outstandingly good luck (though Mj's orks were pretty accurate shooters) but the weakness of the Ork codex, combined with his limited availability of models meant that the game was all over very quickly, the Warboss and his unit going down under a hail of assault cannon and heavy bolter fire on turn 1, whilst the deff dread exploded to a melta shot and the lootaz fled the board after taking 7 casualties to the warlord and his tactical squad.

That meant an early night for me, and I was home by half nine, so I got cracking on some veterans. One squad of sternguard and a command squad. Ignore the power fists, I put them on for decoration rather than game effects!

In a bit more of a detailed shot, here's the apothecary that's going to be a part of the command squad, hopefully helping to keep them and their charge alive a little longer - with 4 plasma guns in the rest of the squad the Emperor's knows they'll need it!

I actually started the apothecary a bit earlier, but Thursday night finished with this as the progress - it's a model I've had longer than many people have been in the hobby and has been part of several of my armies over the years, but I'm pleased with how the latest incarnation is coming along.

On Sunday night and Monday lunchtime I managed to get some more work done on the squads, ready for a game with them on Thursday, so here's the latest progress!

Sunday night saw me plough through getting the Rakarth Flesh done on the shoulder guards, hands, elbows and knee pads, along with highlighting up the yellow on the unbased one, and getting the base layers done on their weapons.

On Monday during my lunch break, I did all the helmets and both power fists white, then applied the agrax earthshade wash before they get highlighted back up to white again. I also did the last of the brass base details on the squads, and got the first layer of yellow on the eye lenses.

Finally, because I've not got enough to paint (!) I assembled some more squads from the bits I have lying around - this first unit will be a squad of bolter scouts, made from the crew of a land speeder storm I came into possession of. The poses will make them particularly dynamic I think, and I'm planning on having them all based as if having destroyed a Tau battlesuit of some kind.

This squad will be the first part of my Vanguard Veterans, built from a mix of parts from all over the place (Black Templars upgrades, old vanguard weapons, command squad bits, devastator squad power axe, even some of the new deathwatch bits are in there) I've not magnetised these guys, they will permanently be jump pack vanguard. I have another squad of vanguard that will double as honour guard when necessary and will have magnetised jump packs and weaponry.

So that's all for now - what did you guys get done this week?

Till next time,

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