Wednesday, 1 February 2017

January review

Blog aims.
  • Continue to post at or above 2016 levels, when I achieved 153 blog posts.
Well for only the third time ever I will have published at least 20 posts in a month, which if I can keep up the pace would mean over 250 posts this year (don't hold me to that!)
  • Reinstate/create some regular features, including Funny Friday, and possibly we'll see a return of 'The Adept' and his take on 40k's particular style.
Funny Friday is back, and the second Adept article is imminent. I've also included some new regulars, such as the spotlight on blogging and the 40k road to competence.
  • Achieve over 20,000 views in at least 1 month of the year, and aim to average over 18,000 views per month.
Well when I wrote this aim, I never expected to hit over 20k views in month 1! I comfortably beat it too, with 24,154 views in January, I'm sure partly thanks to the high post output, so hopefully I can keep that going and views will increase as the readership becomes more widespread.
  • Continue to promote adsense on the blog, and actually get paid by google!
Close, so very close, another typical month next month and I should exceed the £60 minimum required to get paid. Sadly a look at the finances after Christmas means it's got to go to defeat the pre-Christmas spend, but I have managed to trade some commission painting for some toys, so they'll appear on the blog once I've got the units painted (I'm limiting myself from cracking the box open until then as a reward!)
  • Feature a narrative campaign series of battle reports using the Dusk Knights.
The first of these games is pencilled in for this week, so expect to see a report sometime soon!
  • Promote a more 'feature/spotlight' style of photography post when I finish painting a unit.
I've tried to take pictures where possible of my finished units using better backgrounds etc this year, though perhaps I'll also look at doing a monthly roundup of the models I've finished within that time, what do you guys think, would you like to see a monthly shot of all the stuff I've finished?
Personal hobby aims.
  • Buy no new 40k miniatures in the first half of the year (excluding those I've already committed to, which comprise a chimera, guardsman squad, and 12-14 genestealers).
Doing ok on this one so far. I've traded quite a few bits but with the exception of the above no money has changed hands. I even used a credit note with element games to buy some new paints (ok I had to spend 21 pence as their system wouldn't let me overpay for stuff)
  • Expand on commission painting services, getting a more formal structure in place.
I have a more formal structure drafted, it's just waiting for a slot in the posting schedule, and for my last commissioner to post up about the stuff I painted (he said he's happy though!)
  • Buy the Dwarf Bloodbowl team, including a Deathroller.
Not yet, probably give it a few months.
  • Continue to paint/build 300pts per month on average.
You could say I achieved this one! I'm only counting stuff I finished in the month, so there will be models that get largely done one month that are counted in the next, but this month's total (including commissioned units) is over 600pts (621 to be exact).
  • Complete my first formation for the Genestealer Cult - the First Curse.
Well I now have enough models to put this formation on the table. None of them are painted, but that's still progress though eh?
  • Finish painting 1000pts of Emperor's Children
Haven't touched the purple paint for ages, though in a surprise message I did manage to get my Eidolon included in Forgeworld's Instagram gallery (despite it still technically being a WiP) so that was a good day!
  • Begin the repainting of the Tau, at least 6 units to be complete by the end of the year.
Not going to happen for a while, unless thinking about it inspires me to do some work on it!
  • Begin using an airbrush to increase the speed of my painting.
I have a loaned airbrush with compressor, though it's very much an intro kit. I have some air paint to use with it. Now I just need some courage to actually give it a go!
  • Complete building my gaming table/storage space to enable battle reports on the GDB blog.
No progress so far.
Gaming aims
  • Beat Ryan more often than I lose to him.
Well I lost our first 40k game, then beat him at bloodbowl, though I'm only really keeping track of the 40k games, so I need to win that narrative on Thursday to even things up! At least he's not using the Tango Marines!
  • Achieve a 60+% win rate with the Dusk Knights.
Currently their yearly win rate stands at 67% from three games. And that's using fairly basic lists at low points, so hopefully that's a good basis for improving at higher levels.
  • Achieve a 50+% win rate with the Obsidian Enclave.
Haven't used the Tau yet this year.
  • Get into the playoffs of MAD League 3 Bloodbowl.
It's still fairly early days, though an appalling casualty record (ie if I hadn't had an apothecary, my team would have lost somewhere in the region of 6 players so far) meant I had a few dodgy games. Last match out was a win though, so hopefully the corner has been turned (don't jinx the yeti by mentioning him).
  • Develop a consistently successful list for use with the Dusk Knights
See my 40k road to competence series for real progress on this, though I have some theories for successful competitive lists that I'm working on building.

My two wins this year have both been built around a basic core of the army though, so whilst it's early days, and I've only played small games, I am at least making progress in this regard.
  • Place in the top half of two different tournaments.
I didn't attend any tournaments in January. February might have seen one, but unfortunately Dave's birthday bash also clashes with my wife's birthday so I figured if I wanted to stay out of the dog house it was sensible to celebrate that instead (sorry Dave!).
Weight:fluctuating daily, but at the start of my weigh-ins just after the start of the month, I weighed 104.3kg. I'm now (as of 31st January) 100.1kg so a total loss of 4.2kg.

I'm really pleased with this, I'm told it's already visible in terms of a thinner neck/smaller stomach and apparently my snoring is improving, so that's all heading in the right direction, now I just need to back it up this month and keep going!

So, overall I think a very successful January. I've not actually added up the percentage of objectives achieved, but writing this post it feels like it's more than half, certainly of the ones that I can achieve on a monthly basis.

Is there anything you guys would like to see from the blog? More tactics thoughts? Battle reports? Painting showcases and explanations?

Let me know in the comments below, I'm here to serve!

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