Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Spotlight on Blogging Part 8 - Can't Paint, Won't Paint

Welcome once again to my weekly spotlight on the blogosphere and my own reading list within!

This week it's the blog of a clubmate who comes under the gaze! Can't paint won't paint

Now it's going to be a short post this one, as the blog hasn't been updated for a while - but it does still contain some interesting painting techniques, and is aimed at showing how to achieve good results without necessarily putting hours and hours in to the painting of your army.

The blog also details some different armies as the author plays several different games - there's some Warmachine stuff in there (I think), alongside Flames of War and old-style Warhammer Fantasy.

Head over and take a look, you might learn something new (though I'm not sure about the marmite thing!)

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