Monday, 20 March 2017

Hobby update 20-3-17 - In 40k - everyone can hear you scream!

Greetings all!
Welcome to this week's glimpse into my studio!

I'll start off this week with a simple bunch shall I? I built a min sized squad of assault marines for a game on Thursday - a bit keen I hear you say? Well, maybe, but they helped me win the game and more to the point I can now fill out the fast attack requirements of a Demi-Company with something other than land speeders!

Then on Saturday, following the injection of funds from selling most of the Tau, I decided to make myself a dice tray, along the lines of one I found a tutorial for here.

The raw materials consisted of a £4 picture frame and a piece of black felt I had in my bits box from my modular terrain project.

The backboard of the picture frame was covered with felt (stuck down with pva). and the insert to make the frame deep was felt covered too.

I then sprayed the frame black, before painting it with Brass Scorpion (it'll get a coat of Runelord Brass too before I varnish it and call it finished)

Seems to work ok!

Right, then onto the serious stuff - I finished my first screamer of tzeentch commission this week - here are the final photos - I cannot believe just how many spines there are on these guys!

Then, hot on the heels of that, I also got cracking on the second unit of screamers for a different client. These are to match the fateweaver I showed last week so come with a non-traditional tzeentch scheme!

Then finally at lunchtime today having base coated the other five screamers, I put a bit of time into a little side project I'm working on.

It's not the beginnings of another army, but I do love Queek, and have never owned the new model so I indulged when in Nottingham the other week.

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