Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Back in the saddle - sorry for the absence!

Greetings all!

Well I hope you noticed I went away for just over a week, if not then my blog isn't quite as interesting as I thought it was!

I've not been ill, or away on a holiday or anything like that, just very busy - my eldest daughter was 4 last week so the week was spent visiting various relatives and friends to gather in an even larger collection of dolls, clothes and toys than she already has (seriously, how many dolls does a 4 year old need? Turns out it's a bit like plastic crack, there's always more to buy!). 

(scroll down if you want to avoid non-hobby related section)

Highlights included a first ever trip to build-a-bear (ironically she chose a pony, not a bear, which my ocd tendencies didn't like at all), a trip to cbeebies land at Alton Towers, where she ruthlessly stalked the poor staff members dressed up as characters from the various programs and her younger sister hogged the Postman Pat ride all day (seriously, 5 times? It wasn't that good the first time round!) and the rather hilarious moment when in the middle of a party at our house for her friends, I got called upstairs urgently to find one of the ten kids holding the baby gate in his hands as it had finally fallen off the wall! We finished things up on Saturday with 'the cake'. This has become a regular thing now for both my kids, so I spent all of Friday crafting this little beggar.

Right, so let's get back to hobby stuff shall we?

March has been and gone, so I'll need to do a review of that soon, but gaming went well, as I only lost 1 of my 4 games.

Painting progress has also been decent, though I didn't quite manage to dedicate a whole day to it last week as I'd hoped. Nevertheless, I have been getting on with a few bits, and here's the evidence!

Queek is getting little bits added here and there, though I'm now going to have to pin his sword after an incident with a box that was slightly too small for him (I hate finecast)

2nd Screamer commission - I guess I could have just done these the same as the first but that seemed like a cheat somehow, and I wanted to do something different anyway. This one is practically done, with just a few details still to add.

A third method of doing eyes was called for!

Since then I've progressed Fateweaver quite a bit too, in a scheme to complement them.

This is the reason why I didn't get as much of Wednesday to paint as I'd thought - Martin and I spent the afternoon working on scenery and plans for the Grimdark Brotherhood's terrain. I know it's gone pretty quiet on that front recently, but building the boards is taking longer than we'd first thought (silly things like painting our armies getting in the way) but we're running along quite nicely now, with the city board the first to come to fruition. It's probably only 2-3 weeks away now hopefully so look out for a photo session when it's finished!

The beginnings of our very own tomb world. Yes, it does look a lot like polystyrene, you're right.

 Fighting pit number 2 - and for the sharp eyed amongst you the hoover was absolutely necessary when sawing the polystyrene in the last picture!

It's a grim dark photo for a grim dark universe! I've had this industrial terrain for an absolute age, and with an industrial sector board planned it seemed the perfect start!

A bit of Typhus Corrosion (ok a lot) and some Ryza Rust and a bit of Runefang Steel and even a simple, straightforward laser cut mdf walkway can become characterful. This board is going to be rusty! Very rusty! Especially since it will double up for use for any games of Necromunda we decide to run.

Finally this has made its way onto my phone (I was stuck with a phone with a tiny memory until recently) so many free waking moments (and occasional points when I wake up in the night) are spent blasting orks and chaos marines from the lofty heights of my Imperial Knight. Sadly the painting options won't let me recreate Sire Gabriel's actual colour scheme, so I'm having to make do. He changes his livery on a regular basis but this is my current favourite loadout.

So there you have it, I am still alive and I haven't forgotten about the hobby, and you can look forward to more posts from me this weeks as I look back at some of my recent games, last months hobbying, and I even have a battle report for you!

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