Monday, 10 April 2017

Hobby update - 10/4/17 - Woodworkers anonymous

Greetings all, welcome to my usual weekly glimpse into the depths of the hobby from my perspective.

Not too much painting progress this week, but there are a couple of significant bits of news to bring to you!

Let's look at painting first though, and first up my initial stumbling steps into the world of airbrushing. Now it's important to note that this is not a 'proper' airbrush set up, it's a loan from a friend of a starter kit, I think intended for cake decoration, but for me it's about figuring out if the technique works for me, and if so, then I'll look at getting a proper piece of kit later in the year.

Kudos if you recognise what the above model is, but this was my first attempt at airbrushing and it's safe to say it didn't go all that well, I think the paint was too thick to really work properly so it ended up spitting onto the model in blobs.

I'm not deterred though, I'm going to give it another go soon!

Onto something a bit more familiar to me instead then, some 'proper' brush work, and my Fateweaver commission.

As I've mentioned before my client is open to non-standard colour schemes and I'm really pleased with how this one is turning out!

Not too much to say about them to be honest, except that they should be done this week (hopefully!).

My main efforts this weekend went into the reinstatement of something I've not had at home for a very long time - a gaming table.

A fit of enthusiasm last year saw me trash my old table with the intention of making a new one. Sadly it turned out that the materials couldn't be re-used and it's not until now that I've got round to buying new to replace them. Sadly whilst I have the use of the garage for the hobby, I need to retain access through it so a fully permanent table isn't an option. What I could do however was to create a permanent 4' x 4' table, and add in a a third 2' x 4' section that could be removed when access is required.

Here's my solution therefore, the intention is to store the final support section between the two permanent ones, which means I'll need to do a bit more work on it just yet, but this is complete in terms of its 'in use' position.

The first 4' x 4' section. Storage is incorporated as part of the support for the table surface.

The final third slots onto the end, with the support boards dropping into the first section's support structure through dowels.

Once the table base was finished, I got cracking on the church building for the central section of the city table we're building for the Grim Dark Brotherhood.

The table complete, along with the current state of the city terrain. Not much more work needs to be done to be honest, with the exception of the church itself.

The final piece of news therefore for my hobby update this week is news of another place where you'll soon be able to find my mad ramblings. This week I've taken Thor up on his offer of writing for Creative Twilight.

What I won't be doing is giving up on this blog, or duplicating the articles between the two, so please feel free to have a look over at the Creative Twilight blog, it's well worth the visit, and keep an eye out for me guesting over there, at the moment I'm thinking my first article will be Necromunda related...

Till next time people,

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