Wednesday, 24 May 2017

8th edition - Release date, boxed set, plus more snippets

Greetings all! Honestly you take a little break from things and next thing you know there's a new boxed set and a release date on the horizon!

Let's jump right in with the elephantine Death Guard in the room though shall we?

Boxed Set

Right, lots of info here - we are (of course) getting a new boxed set with the new edition and it'll be space marines vs death guard. So far, so much we already guessed (if you hadn't guessed that, how? The picture above is about as much of a giveaway as anyone should need)

Hardback rulebook (this alone makes me think that I'm likely to want the set, because it'll be discounted based on what you get inside).

22 Primaris Marines - ooh, TBE just sat up and started to really pay attention! Ok so they are monopose type models rather than multi part sprues, but even so, there are a few different sculpts in there and they do look goood (except for the platform heeled inceptors). Actually the plasma guys look better than good, I'd happily have an entire army of these guys with special weapons if they're all going to look like this! Hmm, perhaps the Dusk Knights have been reinforced with an extra company of Guillidudes (yes, you heard it here first, that's the new official name for them). Also, Space Marine Lieutenants! I love this, haven't ever seen it referenced before (though it could have been) but the idea that a company structure more closely echoes old military structure is very cool as far as I'm concerned.

31 Nurgle inspired models. Wow, these Plague Marine sculpts are amazing - whether you like the style or not (personally Nurgle isn't for me) you can't fail to acknowledge the quality of the workmanship. Not so sure about the joker faces on the Poxwalkers, but I'm sure that alternative heads could be found!

Rulers, Dice, Datasheets etc. Yeah yeah, pretty much all the other necessary stuff I'm not that fussed about or quite honestly isn't really that interesting, despite being important.

Value - Seriously, this box is rumoured to be hitting at £95 (other currencies are available, they're just not as good as sterling 😂). Accounting for £35 for the rulebook, that leaves the remainder of the minis (and other stuff) at £60. Even assuming all the other stuff is 'free' the idea of getting that many minis for that price is amazing! TBE will definitely be ordering a box, and probably sharing it with Tuck Shop from the GDBrotherhood (he likes his marines Nurgelly).

Loads of other stuff to be released too, I'm definitely picking up the tactical cards, and probably the command dice too. The rest I'll probably leave behind (though depending on construction I have to admit a certain sneaking regard for the combat gauge idea).

Keep an eye out on the brotherhood blog ( for an unboxing video and release stuff on the 17th.

So, that's the biggy done, how about all the other rules bits we've seen over the last week?


Deep Strike and Outflank are gone!

So, no generic reserve rules any more - each unit that can arrive from reserve will do so in its own way. This to me is fantastic, no more lumping everything under one generic rule anymore, woohoo!

Interestingly, scatter seems to have disappeared too (thank you, I'm forever losing my scatter dice!) and in the example given at least no restriction on charging on the same turn (this is the case in AoS so it's hardly surprising).

We also saw that deploying at least 9" away from enemy units was "common to a lot of units with similar abilities" - so not common to all such units then. Good, that allows them to pick individual units that may have more justification for setting up closer than this and it doesn't have to be an exception to a USR.

Reserves are also now back to the 50% max limit. This always made more sense, as choosing to go second with an all-reserve army really was a nasty trick to pull on an opponent. Interestingly we also see that any reserves not on the table by turn 4 are now lost! Wow, that's big, so it's reasonable (I hope) to assume that reserves aren't left to chance anymore (the Trygon example we were given allowed you to choose which turn they arrived). Choosing a reserve arrival turn would make sense, I know things can be delayed etc but you'd think in the 41st millenium that coordinating your forces wouldn't be too hard to arrange.

Vehicles & transports

Vehicles overall see broad changes, but given what we've already seen so far, nothing major. The biggest changes seem to be allowing all vehicles to fight in combat (including charging) and shooting all weapons with a -1 to hit on heavy weapons if they moved (the article notes some vehicles will have an exception to this).

Not massive changes there really when we already knew vehicles would have toughness/wounds/armour saves.

Transports however, they are a different matter. All vehicles effectively now become assault vehicles, allowing charges on the same turn a unit disembarks, though this is mitigated against by units having to disembark before the transport moves (I've already figured out some tactics around this one) so the target of your charge will always be able to move away first (or will it) as you'll have to get close in the previous turn. It remains to be seen if current assault vehicles will get any bonuses to this part of the game, I really hope they do!

We also see that open topped transports allow normal shooting of the unit inside them, so no more snap shooting based on how far the transport moves - yay!

Now for the bad news, transports don't have to explode to kill the stuff inside them, now nay wrecked vehicle will now kill models inside it on a '1'. Yikes, that's gonna really hurt multi-wound units hitching a ride, so the real advice to take home there is make sure you get out early, or on the other hand, target priority just leaped up for any vehicles with multi wound models inside!

Close Combat Weapons

No range on melee weapons (so not like AoS thankfully!), but more significantly we now see lots of different penalties or bonuses for the varied weapons.

Hordes are now the target of chainswords (though still no ap on them, that's annoying), cutting through armour is the job of the power sword, whilst against tougher models you'll want to bring either a power axe or a power maul. Multi wound models also have a different tool to address them, being the power fist, which does D3 damage per wound. It does suffer from a -1 to hit, but let's be honest, against many targets a marine would hit on 4's anyway. Force weapons will also do D3 damage per wound, so librarians are still pretty cool in combat.

Hmm, the reaper chainsword is horrible! Rather than D strength, we have the new equivalent, with each wounding hit automatically doing 6 damage. Nasty. We also find out that the thunderstrike gauntlet of the knight still has the ability to throw stuff, now doing mortal wounds to what it hits (yes! so glad I modelled that option on mine now!).

That's it for now, besides my usual chainsword gripe (still no AP, honestly this thing was made for the new type of armour save modifiers) I'm happy with everything we've seen.

Till next time!