Monday, 22 May 2017

Hobby update - 22/5/17 - laying the foundations for finished stuff

Greetings all - let's do a hobby post today shall we? Where am I getting to with the slaves to darkness I've been painting?

Before I get stuck into it - might I just point out that I'm taking on commission work again as my current list is almost complete.

Ok so first and foremost, these guys are taking me a while to do, probably because of the many layers that need adding to get each one finished and get the top layer of white completed.

In case any of you missed it, I finished the Doom Knight from the unit of Chaos Knights (The Lacerated). I posted up some pics in a separate article but here they are again.

This then was to serve as the template for the models to come after him, though to be perfectly honest, what I've actually been doing since then is laying in base coats for finishing the other models. What that really means is that progress appears quite slow at the moment, but it should hopefully result in a rush of finished models in the future (let's hope so - the tale I'm taking part in needs these done by the end of June).

First up we have the next two chaos knights from the same unit. They've had the initial Celestra Grey laid down on their barding, and the horses themselves have got a couple of coats in. I've done some of the bronze detailing on the right hand one, and have nicknamed him 'The Butcher', whilst on the left we have the temporary moniker of 'the one playing whack-an-aelf'.

Then on Saturday, I decided to get some work in on the chariots (since I can't easily transport these to work without risking damage they'll only be worked on at home and potentially at club). The first blue monkey is coming along quite nicely I think, though he's yet to get the top layers of white on his armour, which should really bring him to life (not literally I hope!).

This week then I've got some more work done on The Mauled, my unit of Chaos Warriors (the first of hopefully several). Whilst it's tricky to see in this photo, I've added a wash of Drakenhof Nightshade around the armour joins prior to layering in Celestra Grey, Ulthuan Grey and white.

I decided to push the Aspiring Champion on a bit further than the rest, so at this stage he's had Rhinox Hide on all the fur prior to drybrushing, I've added Daemonette Hide and Druchii Violet to his blade, Celestra Grey to his armour plates, and Warplock Bronze to the chainmail parts.

His Cloak has been layered with Thunderhawk Blue, then a 50/50 mix of Thunderhawk Blue and Celestra Grey. I'll add in some drybrushed dust to the base of the cape soon, when I tidy up the overspill was around the feet.

Till next time,

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