Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Hobby update 30/5/17 - slaves, slaves everywhere, but still nothing actually finished!

Greetings all, as always I'm a little off-schedule thanks to the Bank Holiday, but in other news, at least that meant I got loads of painting done this week!

Seriously, first I have to give thanks to my wife for taking our kids up to see her family and leaving me behind, and then also thanks to my pal Martin for coming over and keeping me company while we painted. For many hours.

So, rather than just drop some finished photos on you, I figured I'd show the WiP photos for each of my slaves to darkness units as I've been working on them. Still so much to do, but Sunday got lots of stuff much further along than it would otherwise have been!

First up then we have the Chaos Warrior unit, dubbed 'The Mauled'

I decided that I'd batch paint these guys in 5's - this group contains all the interesting parts of the unit (aspiring champion, banner bearer, hornblower). You can see here I've added the Drakenhof Nightshade wash to most of them, then started laying a few base colours down.

The first job on them though was the cloaks - Black, Dark Reaper and Thunderhawk Blue with a final highlight of Thunderhawk Blue and Celestra Grey.

Then I focused on the Champion model, getting him almost finished, bringing the armour up to white before adding the blue glaze.

And here is the unit looking a bit more done, with all their armour up to Ulthuan Grey stage.

The final job was to spatter the completed models with blood for the blood god - after all, if you've gone to the trouble of painting white armour, you've gotta show off the blood!

Next up on the list was my Knight unit - these guys are even worse than space marine bikes, I promise you!

Which is why I didn't take too many photos. Suffice to say these guys now also just need their armour whitening, a few details doing and then blood spatters, plus I need to figure out how to paint the banner!

So, after that I treated myself! As part payment for a commission I'm going to be doing I picked up a daemon prince from a friend. Enter Prince Etherus.

Got very excited and built him the day I got him home.

Undercoated and base begun.

At this point I've covered the whole model with a drakenhof nightshade wash, painted the amour parts with warplock bronze/syrcorax bronze/druchii violet wash, and I've put the daemonette hide/druchii violet wash on his axe, then painted the wings black

At this point, the lower legs have been highlighted up to white, but the knees upwards are still just celestra grey.

This video shows off the completed axe head, much more layering finished on his body, though he's not quite done in that respect, and I've started layering Dark Reaper onto the wings. I also added some Xereus Purple/Genestealer Purple/Dechala Lilac/White Scar to his eyes in a bit of an OSL style to make him look a bit freakier, and edged the scars on his chest in Baharroth Blue after a Guilliman Blue glaze.

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