Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Hobby update and first steps into Age of Sigmar

Greetings all,
So, last night I had my first game of Age of Sigmar. I'm impressed, despite being totally new to the system I didn't feel totally inept and by the end of the game I was actually following what was happening more or less.

Let's start from first principles then - I have decided to take part in my club's Tale of Sigmar - there are ten of us looking to get armies started and/or painted, and I've decided to throw in my lot with the Everchosen of Chaos himself, a certain Mr Archaon.

Now I'm not planning on getting the big boss man just yet, so for now I'm jumping on board with a collection from the Slaves to Darkness range. I'll get to my own personal list planning soon, but our club expert on the system gave me an intro game last night, very kindly allowing me to borrow some models (thanks to both who donated them for me to use).

That list looked a little like this:
Sorcerer Lord on Manticore
Chaos Lord
10 Chaos Warriors
5 Chaos Knights
5 Chaos Marauders on horses
1 Chaos Chariot
1 Gorebeast Chariot

Rather than get into too much detail at present over missions etc, we played a straight up fight.

Now, I'm a complete newbie with fantasy related games, so bear with me, because even deployment seemed a bit odd to me. My opponent won the initial roll off and decided to start deploying his army first, with us taking turns to place a unit. I tried to keep things fairly simple, so kept my stronger units for a 'swinging right hand' and put my marauder horsemen supported by chariots to the left. In my mind's eye I had the idea that if I could overwhelm one flank I could perhaps bring those stronger units rolling down the line, which would be held in place by the resilience of the chariots.

So I'd read the rules over a few times. I still forgot loads. Like that the hero phase comes first, so in turn 1 I was actually out of range to provide my command ability to the unit that I wanted to give it to, as was my sorcerer. Still, with little to no shooting my whole army ran forward as fast as it could, the warriors angling over to my right flank and a unit of scary looking stormcast with two-handed hammers (note to self, I really need to start learning a lot of new units names).

My sorceror lord got scragged by a unit of vanguard hunters coming on from the table edge, and the marauder horsemen started taking fire on my left flank, before getting charged as my opponent won the initiative for turn 2, getting himself a double turn. Well that scuppered a few things, my chariot didn't get the chance to charge as it got dragged down by the stormcast lord on a griffin type thing, and even my chaos lord was unable to halt its rampage (though my sorceror lord managed to bring it down to a single wound with his winds of chaos spell). The marauders disappeared, and the second chariot was eventually brought low by some hammer bearers, but over on my right flank, the manticore saw off the vanguard, then in conjunction with the knights took out the prosecutors whilst the warriors and the other knights took out the retributors.

That left the right flank in my control and the left flank in Lee's hands. It all came down to the next roll-off - I won it and charged in, eventually dragging down the liberators, the Lord Aquilor fell to the last 3 Chaos Warriors, and the Manticore laid about the Judicators with reckless abandon, finishing off the last of my opponent's models.

Final thoughts?

I really like the game, it flows nice and easily and whilst I'm still grappling with some elements, I'll pick it up quick enough once I get playing.

Movement and positioning is most definitely far more important than in 40k at the moment, and the system appears to allow for much more tactical play in that regard, dragging units into combats and using strategies such as the refused flank to much greater effect.

I was worried having made my army choice that I would struggle with a lack of shooting, however despite my opponent having plenty of stuff to fire at me, the casualties weren't so horrendous as to make my units ineffective once they got into combat, that's probably the hoary old 40k veteran in me worrying about getting my whole army shot off the table, I've not played fantasy with its lesser reliance on shooting for a long time.

On Thursday I should pick up the rest of my own army, so expect to see them featuring on the blog in the future!

Hobby update

Right, with that out of the way, let's have a look at what I've been up to this week.

First off, work is continuing on the commission front, as I put the finishing touches to some more space wolves and a land speeder storm. In the meantime, I'm pressing ahead with work on the Dusk Knights, who will be coming out for a tournament in June, just before 8th edition hits.

First up, Scout bikes.
These photos are now slightly out of date as following me trying to transport them to a game this weekend, I've decided to remove all the aerials from the models, they were just too flimsy. Really pleased with them apart from that however, they seem to have taken a step forward again from the rest of the Dusk Knights, looking appropriately dusty for outriders. I've got five more to do, however they aren't quite so urgent.

On Monday, I added to my recent table construction, here's a reserves shelf, one situated each side to keep stuff safe once it's died or before it arrives.

Next up, a five man scout unit - there are some interesting poses here, mainly because they're made from the guys hanging off the back of the land speeder storm. A few cunningly (or not so cunningly) placed pieces of scenery and they look pretty good to my mind!

You can't have too many heroes, right? I thought not, so here's my future Captain of the First, converted from the Minotaurs Frogeworld Chapter Master.

Some of my commission work so far has been in trade with my friend Tom who had a box of Centurions he didn't want that he'd picked up in a bulk buy. These guys are a key unit in my 1500pts list so I'm giving them quite a high priority on the paint queue.

And finally for 40k the Land Speeder Storm to go with the Scout Squad I showed earlier.

Lastly, but by no means least, these guys still need their bases completing, but are otherwise done.

Till next time, TBE

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