Monday, 26 June 2017

Hobby update 26-6-17

Morning all!

Wow, seems like an age since I last did one of these - let's get right to it then and see what's on my hobby desk at the moment.

Swords of Dawn

You got a brief hint of these boys last week - these are the primaris marines that I picked up from the Dark Imperium boxed set. check out my other collaborative blog here to see more detail on them, but suffice to say work is progressing on them nicely as I develop the scheme from my basic concept onto the minis themselves.

Dusk Knights

It may be a little while since you last heard anything of these guys, but they're still very much part of my plans for the future. In fact, before I went away I took them to a competition run the the guys at Greetings from the Warp, and had a very enjoyable day at a doubles event with my brotherhood buddy Tom and his Deathwatch. Whilst not quite as successful results-wise as we'd been hoping, we had a successful day, two losses and a thumping win, but both of the losses were both only by a single victory point, including a 6-point haul for our opponents in the first game and a recovery from a devastating second turn by our opponents in game 2.

Since then, 8th edition has dropped and it's become obvious that massed drop pod armies aren't viable any more, at least in matched play games, so I needed to figure out some more transport options. As I've given up on the practicality of me collecting a heresy army anytime soon (funds just don't allow me to buy FW stuff) I decided to repurpose my Emperor's Children Rhino back to the dusk knights. The side doors came off pretty easily and the big Aquila on the front glacis fits perfectly fine with the look of the rest of my army, so I'm working on that now.

I also inherited a predator from a friend who didn't want it anymore, a bit of a rescue job by the look of it, it had been stripped of some pretty thick paint in places. I did a bit more tidying up on it and salvaged some heavy bolter sponsons from my bits box that I magnetised to it. Last night I managed to get the base blue coat down on these two vehicles ready for a game against my pal Ryan on Thursday and his awesome alpha legion (check out oneofmanyxx on instagram).

They're still looking a bit basic at the moment, but will soon start to look more impressive once I start adding detail and the Rakarth Flesh elements of the scheme.


I've still got plenty on the commission tables too, though at the moment a large part of it seems to be Nurgle (ironic, Nurgle are one of the few armies whose models don't appeal to me, but I'm actually really looking forward to developing my skills by painting them anyway).

First off is a squad of 10 plague bearers. These have just had a basic green coat applied for now.

My client wants them in a classic Nurgle colour scheme, so I've got a couple more layers of green to add, some Nurgle's Rot to apply and lots of livid pinks/purples to put on the ropey intestines etc.

Then, for a different client, we have some pretty disgusting looking things, not sure what they're called.

9 of these came to me airbrushed green, so I'm working on one to start with to develop the scheme then I'll try batching them in 4's. So far I've just done the wings, which I basecoated in Celestra Grey, then washed with Carroburg Crimson and the added drybrush layers of Celestra Grey and Ulthuan Grey to try and mimic the semi-translucent look of fly wings. I went with Carroburg Crimson as the wash to tie in the wings to the Screamer Pink I'm going to be using for the various pustules and blisters over the body.

That's pretty much it for now - I'm certainly not going to get bored painting one thing for too long am I!

Till next time!

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