Thursday, 1 June 2017

'The Adept' interviews Forgeworld about 8th edition.

Greetings all - time for another 'adept' article! Remember, the written word carries eternal damnation for the incautious!

This time, the Adept gets some time with the Forgeworld Executive, and some of the answers are quite illuminating!*

Adept: So, you're here to talk about the change in rules for warhammer 40,000, and the implications that has for games set in the heresy era, correct?

Forgeworld Executive: That's correct yes.

Adept: So, with that in mind, all your books are now lying to their owners, correct?

Forgeworld Executive: Errr, how do you mean?

Adept: Well, they all say that they're a supplement for warhammer 40,000, which is no longer really true is it?

Forgeworld Executive: Well, it is for the next 16 days...

Adept: Wow, you really want to score that point do you?

Forgeworld Executive: Probably not actually, can you edit that bit out of the interview?

Adept: Of course I can. (Scribe's note - executives should probably be more careful with their grammar in situations like this)

Forgeworld Executive: Thank you. Right, yes the books do currently note they are a supplement to warhammer 40,000, however when that was added to the text, we never anticipated the changes to the warhammer 40,000 rules.

Adept: Really? The previous six editions didn't give you a clue that 8th would come along eventually.

Forgeworld Executive: Well, yes, but we didn't think that the changes would be so extensive as to require a complete re-write of the profiles of the units we've created.

Adept: Ah, I see, so you don't have the resources to re-write all the profiles for the models you make. In that case, tell me how you managed to do exactly that for the models that you make that are available for use in warhammer 40,000?

Forgeworld Executive: Errrm. Well, those rules updates didn't require us to completely re-do the legion rules and specific units that we make for 30k.

Adept: So you can't possibly re-write the red book profiles, but it's perfectly ok to produce chaos and imperium indices for release day?

Forgeworld Executive: No? Errm, yes? I think the key message to take away from the decision isn't so much one of not wanting to accommodate the changes to the 40k rules for 8th edition, but that we here at Forgeworld are very happy with the balance we've created in the heresy game through the various units that are available to players.

Adept: Really? So, in a game where the vast majority of units use the same profile, you're happy that the balance 'you've created' means that in any kind of competitive environment, you can pretty much tick off the list of 'must have' units that appear in army lists, such as the flare shield spartan, terminators, quad mortars, veteran tactical squads, leviathan dreadnoughts etc.

Forgeworld Executive: Yes, but games set in the heresy universe are more narrative driven and less about competition.

Adept: They are? Isn't that very similar to suggesting that the majority of hobbyists are collectors and painters, not gamers? So why do you hold tournaments then? And why are you sticking to the current points systems for games instead of adopting the more narrative driven 'power levels' that 8th edition 40k is bringing to that game.

Forgeworld Executive: Errrrrrm. but the new 8th edition ruleset really dumbs down the complexity of the rules, and with a more mature customer base, we know that our customers are more able to cope with a complex system than 40k gamers, who traditionally are more likely to be newcomers to tabletop gaming. We also feel that the 7th edition ruleset is much more appropriate to the nature of the game, with individual armies having special rules to tweak their performance and give each army a distinctive style on the tabletop.

Adept: You do? So, the existence of a simple basic set of rules rules of the game, with additional layers of complexity adding subtleties and nuances specific not just to individual factions but also to specific units within factions not possible with the clunky and generic lists of universal special rules that have to be shoehorned in to try and represent a particular effect is a better solution than simply adding specific rules to affect certain units with particular keywords do you?

Forgeworld Executive: Err, yes?

Adept: I see. So, with that in mind and on the basis that you've said you want to keep using the 7th edition rule set I assume you'll simply be taking over production of the current 40k rulebook will you?

Forgeworld Executive: No, no we have some really cool plans to trim some of the stuff out of the current rulebook and re-print it ourselves. We're going to really go to town on this and add the forgeworld flair to the book to make it a collector's piece not just a gaming necessity.

Adept: Oh right, so, what kind of things are you thinking?

Forgeworld Executive: Well, we're going to put a leather binding on it, and we'll be adding a page marker ribbon.

Adept: That's it? And how much is this 'collector's piece going to cost me?

Forgeworld Executive: Well we don't want to price anyone out of the market for playing the game, so we've kept it to a very reasonable £350.

Adept: I see, well thanks for answering my questions today, adept Eversor 76-113-HD-KILLHIM will see you off the premises, good luck in your future endeavours, though I'm sure you won't need it.

*This article is entirely a work of fiction, as is the Adept and, for that matter, Forgeworld. Forgeworld as an entity does not in fact exist, and is simply an illusion of the mind created by wizards to make hobbyists pour their money into resin-shaped holes.**

**Please note that was also a joke - keep an eye on the blog in the coming days for my actual perspective on Forgeworld and the issue of 8th edition.

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