Sunday, 23 July 2017

Dusk Knights 8th edition list - 2000pts

Morning all - having finally finished testing units from the space marine index, I sat down last night to start building my first 'standard' 2000pt list, so here we go!

First up, there were a couple of philosophies I included in the build - keeping the detachments to no more than 3 - it seems to be a fairly common tournament limit, so there was no point writing a list I'd have to re-write if I wanted to take the army to tournaments. Within that restriction however, I wanted to maximise command points available to me. The brigade detachment just isn't possible for marines at this level so the best way to get command points was to take a battalion, and then add in other detachments as necessary, probably giving me 7 command points in most games.

I started by listing units that I wanted to include, with my basic plan being to have a solid firebase core to the army, and a smaller, more mobile secondary element that could go out and grab objectives as necessary.

The battalion requires a minimum of 3 troops units, and having tested and been unimpressed with tactical marines, I grabbed three units of sniper scouts - with camo cloaks these guys are tough to shift from cover and can target enemy characters even if they're not the closest target, plus they have the option to cause mortal wounds, which is incredibly helpful. That gives me the opportunity to put some real pressure on the enemy warlord, especially given they can be deployed anywhere more than 9" from the enemy deployment zone.

Added to that, I needed 2 HQ choices. The first of these is pretty simple for me – Pedro Kantor as a Chapter Master gives me re-rolls within 6” to all misses, both shooting and in combat. Of course I could simply have added another Captain to the list then to widen the re-roll effect, but as I’ve already said, mortal wounds are incredibly helpful, so I picked up a librarian. To make sure I had the mobility to get those mortal wounds where I wanted them, I gave him a jump pack.

So, that’s the basic requirements of the detachment met, I wrote down the units I really wanted to include.

That started with a couple of contemptor dreadnoughts with kheres assault cannons. These guys have been really impressive in my games so far, the firepower they kick out can’t be ignored, and when they get into combat, a guaranteed 3 damage from their power fists means they punch their way through most things pretty quickly. On top of all that, they’re actually pretty quick across the table, and in my last game having started in my own deployment zone they were comfortably into my opponent’s zone using the hammer and anvil deployment map after just four turns.

Next up, I wanted to construct a really solid firebase. I started off with a couple of devastator squads therefore – I’ve tried all but the multi-meltas in terms of weapon options, and by far the most versatile is the missile launcher. It may slightly lack the armour piercing potential and strength of the lascannon, but -2AP is pretty good, and when you add in the volume shooting option of D6 shots from the frag missiles, I think there’s no better option in the devastator’s arsenal.

My second squad was partly due to the fact that I’ve got them built and painted already – 4 Grav Cannons however still put out a frightening volume of fire, and when adding in the armorium cherub, combined with the signum of the sergeant, that shooting is enough to take down a lot of armoured units, with only the toughest of models able to survive that kind of fire.

Devastators aren’t exactly mobile though, and in particular the grav cannons can benefit from being a bit closer to the enemy, so I picked up a couple of Razorbacks, kitting them out with twin assault cannons, a set of weapons that I’ve found to be exceedingly effective at taking down infantry. True, I probably wouldn’t want to move the missile launchers much, but at least I could if I needed to!

So the next element I’ve found useful to have in a list is something that deploys from reserve – nothing pins your enemy in place quite like something popping up in their own deployment zone. Now this is where I’ve really yet to settle 100% on something, but my first thought was the unit of cataphracti terminators sat on my shelf, so I stuck a unit of five in there with the terminator chaplain and a mix of power fists, lightning claws etc.

I still felt the list was a little lacking in firepower though, and the stormhawk interceptor seemed like the perfect answer – more assault cannons (that’s now 48 assault cannon shots of one variety or another) plus more flexible missile launchers and a two-shot lascannon with enough range to get where it needed to be.

When I added that all up, I was a little bit over my 2000pt target, so I took the jump pack off the libby, which dropped me 5pts under.

Of course, it wouldn’t be me if I just settled on one list would it – so I figured I’d try a variant of it too, that might be a little more dangerous in combat (terminators are ok, but don’t exactly drown the enemy in attacks).

Out came the terminators and the chaplain, and in went a unit of five vanguard veterans with power swords, power axes and a relic blade, which would hitch a ride in a razorback, whilst the more innately mobile element to be added in was a second vanguard squad, but with jump packs this time, same weapon loadout except the relic blade was replaced with a normal power sword. Finally, to give those squads a little more punch, I added in a captain with a jump pack and a relic blade. That left 7pts to spend, which was just enough to give my librarian a plasma pistol.

So there we have it, a nice solid core of fire, mixed weapons to allow me to target both armoured and horde units, with some mobility through both transports and reserves. Seems like I’ve got most bases covered, what do you all think, any ideas on how to improve the lists?

Till next time,