Monday, 10 July 2017

Hobby update 10-7-17 - Setting the scene.

Greetings fellow wargamers, welcome to my hobby cave once more, let me shed some light on the projects that I'm working on at present so you can all be inspired and shower me with praise (joke).

Last week I showed off my Dusk Knight collection, and what better way to invalidate those photos than by adding something else to it so it's no longer a complete photo!

First, I decided that I needed to add more devastators to my collection. I bought two boxes a while back and have had most of the weapon bits sat around in my bits box since then, having built a couple of squads straight away. I've recently decided to ditch my Emperor's Children heresy army though, on the basis of the cost of FW units and their decision not to move onto 8th edition (get in touch if you'd like a copy of the crusade army list red book - I've got one for sale).

That meant I'd got a squad of Mk4 marines that would end up as just another tactical squad though, and since I've already got three that seemed a waste. So out came the bits box and I built up two more groups of heavy weapon bearers, these guys with lascannons and heavy bolters. That means I've just got to find enough bodies to mount a group of multi meltas and I'll have all the weapon options available to me - I'm sure I must have enough bits to make that work!

Next up then was some transport - vehicles have become much tougher in 8th edition, and drop pods have not only shot up in cost but are also much more difficult to include in a list in any great numbers (anyone want to buy a drop pod? 😂😂) and don't have any great firepower with them for that cost. So I've looked again at razorbacks, and a quick trip to FW on the way to see my in-laws yielded this little turret conversion kit. A few doors from the Black Templars upgrade frame and a Rhino off a mate that was surplus to requirements and hey presto, more for the motor pool!

Right, onto the Swords of Dawn then, and last week you saw the Captain in his almost finished state. I'm pleased to say he's now finished except for his base (I'm working on a slain DE warrior for him to be striding over). Be nice!

Having finished him, I moved onto the Hellblaster squad briefly, and first did some work on the glowing coils of their plasma incinerators.

Before laying down the basic purple and grey basecoats for their armour.

With that done, I got a bit distracted, painted some layering on one of my commissions (no photos yet, sorry) before I moved on again to getting some scenery done. I generally tend to paint scenery at home rather than during my lunchbreak when I often make progress with my other stuff, since it's usually bigger than most models, but I recently got hold of the shipping containers kit, and managed to put some time into them.

No group of shipping containers ever has a consistent colour grouping in my experience, so I decided on a couple of greens and a blue/grey. After an hour I'd got this far.

But then put another hour into the blue/grey version to get it finished. The rust effect is built up using GW's Typhus Corrosion with Ryza Rust drybrushed over it then a light finishing drybrush of Leadbelcher.

What? There's more?

Yup, last night I made a start on the much more detailed scheme for my skyshield landing pad - all this scenery will be used when I start putting on events, hopefully later on in the autumn, and the skyshield is intended to be part of a feature board showing off an imperial land pad and hanger complex.

This first photo just shows the first couple of wash layers detailed in the GW scheme. I've chosen to paint it up in sections on the whole due to the sheer size of the kit and wanting to see visible progress. These washes were made from Rhinox Hide and Mournfang Brown with thinner added (they recommend Lahmian medium but I used airbrush thinner as it comes in a dropper bottle so is much easier to mix up.

After two more wash layers in similar vein using Squig Orange and then Troll Slayer Orange, I got to sponge on more Rhinox Hide all over. This hides (haha) the overbrushing from the was layers and neatens the whole thing up. Over the top of this will be a silver drybrush, then I can start applying the actual colour to the model, leaving patches of this showing through to indicate where the pain has chipped/peeled from the structure.

Bit of a close-up. There are loads of hazard lights on this kit that I'm going to need to paint too, the details will certainly take a while methinks once the main colours are laid down!

Finally a top-down view. The sponging of Rhinox Hide really adds a nice varation in depth of colour to the model at this stage, in some respects it'll be a shame to paint over it!

Ok that's it for this week - as ever you can keep up to speed with my pics 'as they happen' on instagram @feydan13 and @grimdarkbrotherhood - till next time!

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