Thursday, 6 July 2017

New 40k codices! 10 coming before Christmas...

Wow, so 'New GW' continue with the 'full disclosure' method of interaction with the community! I for one continue to be both surprised and delighted by them - let's have a look at what's been said shall we?

So first things first, I'm a happy bunny because the new Space Marine codex is stated to be coming later this month. And it's got Primaris marines on the cover, so reasonable to assume that it's going to contain those units in addition to all the marine stuff we've come to know and love. As a slight niggle, a couple of generic marine things aren't being transferred over into this book, namely the 30th anniversary marine and the Terminus Ultra Land Raider, but I can live with that.

GW have said elsewhere in the faq about the codices (seriously, is there anyone out there who doesn't love this new style - an faq about something that's not even released yet probably goes a step beyond 'full disclosure' at this point!) that it won't cover the other elements in index 1 like the Blood Angels etc (no surprise there then). I guess conveniently this avoids a refund on the index books because much of the content is not invalidated, but hey, if you bought them thinking there wouldn't be an early release of new codices then I think that was perhaps a little naive.

So, 10 codices before christmas eh? Wow, that's the kind of release schedule that puts anything that's come before into a very deep and dark corner! Assuming the first doesn't drop until late in July, that's pretty much two a month! So what have they said is coming?

Grey Knights
Chaos Marines
Death Guard

then, six more.

Personally I think those six will include Guard, one of the Eldar armies, Orks, probably Tyranids, then Daemons and Thousand Sons (if even half of these guesses are right I'll be happy!). The reason I'm looking at it that way is that with such a hectic release schedule, they're going to be looking to splice in codices that don't need model releases amongst those that do, so we'll get Primaris stuff for a month, as Grey Knights range seems fine to me, then a month of Chaos stuff etc.

As for the contents of the books, we have this image provided

So there are going to be army special rules (using marines as the default I assume this will be And They Shall Know No Fear etc). Unique stratagems for each army, relics, warlord traits, psychic powers and tactical objectives.


This sounds cool. We knew it was coming, but having had a turn flipped on its head by an opponent using the combat interrupt stratagem, I know first hand how significant they can be. I'm expecting marines to have stuff that revolves around shock and awe, I think the orbital bombardment will be in there definitely, and possibly stuff that involves them imposing themselves on the battlefield, so perhaps out of sequence actions.


Excellent! My Swords of Dawn Captain is clearly carrying some kind of Relic Blade that needs proper representation in the game!

I just hope that they have a consistent approach this time, and make it clear about how many relics can be carried by each character and how many can be present in an army, because in 7th edition this was both muddy and different depending on which army you used.

Warlord Traits

Again, having faction specific ones means you can tailor things much more towards how you want your army to play, and hopefully they will also be expanded to include a wider range of types, allowing space marine characters for example to be more than just tough or skilled fighters.

Psychic Powers

I do like the sound of this, going back to faction specific powers again, and I would hope a relatively limited selection for most armies. Nice as it was to have such choice, marine librarians really did have too much power in the last edition. Hopefully again as we've seen so far, we'll be able to choose powers or roll them randomly if you want to, with a full range of buffing or direct aggression powers available.

Tactical Objectives

My own personal favourite! I will be doing a review of the generic tactical objectives deck that's come out alongside the new edition, so it'll be interesting to see which objectives they replace with faction specific ones, and what those are. Please though, none that are entirely dependent on enemy positioning like the old Tau ones!

And finally, the codex will be covering sub-faction rules. Chapter tactics essentially, it sounds like these will be to allow you to tailor your army to a specific fighting style, probably based off the classic legions, but we also get confirmation that these will also be rolled out to other books, so we'll almost certainly see guard regiments playing differently, necron dynasties with different methods etc.

This for me is the really big win here. I hate seeing generic cookie cutter lists so it'll be fantastic to see all armies having access to different types of styles. Chapter Tactics was probably ones of the best things to come out of 7th edition as a whole, so it's great to see it being rolled out across the game, and I'm looking forward to playing against loads of differing styles of armies of the same faction in the future.

What we haven't seen

Ok, so for me there's one glaring 'omission' in all the information we've had so far, and that's that there is no confirmation or mention of faction specific detachments. Now it's true that you probably don't need any to build the army that you want using those in the rulebook, but some flavourful ones like the demi-company would be nice.

Pretty please new GW?

With a cherry on top?

Till next time,

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