Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Hobby season review and goals for next season

Greetings fellow hobbyists! It's fast approaching that time of the year again when the hobby season renews. The hobby season is something I've watched from afar for a few years now, run by Dave Weston over at http://www.40kaddict.uk, and last year I decided to dip my toe into it on my own blog. As the season comes to a close, I thought I'd take a look at how I got on.

As you can imagine, over the course of a year, a hobby butterfly like myself can make all kinds of a mess of forward planning like this, and the introduction of a new edition of 40k, which wasn't really on the radar of many at this time last year has thrown things even further into a spin. Let's have a looks at the tasks I set myself then last year.

Last season:
4 drop pods 
3 of these are now complete and whilst I bought and had begun painting the fourth, the introduction of 8th edition and the consequent changes to drop pods points cost and method of operation meant that I no longer need, or want, or can afford, 4 of them in my lists. Consequently it got sold off with no plans to replace it. I'm calling this one done on that basis. 1/1 - nice way to start!

3 land speeders
The full squadron of three is finished, and has been for quite a while. 8th edition saw a boost for them in the form of additional shots for their assault cannons, though another points hike means I've not used them much since the new edition hit - the full squadron of three might be quite tasty in terms of fire output, but they're also now pretty expensive so are only likely to see use in bigger games (though I am going to be playing more larger games now the system is sleeker. 2/2 - way to go me!

Librarius conclave
Yep, also finished! Again, the introduction of 8th edition and the removal of the conclave formation means that there's no real point in me adding the 5th model to the collection, so my librarius will remain at 4, and probably won't get used much outside of larger games (yep, I'm going to need to play a lot of these aren't I!). 3/3 - I'm on fire!

12 devastators
So close to finishing this I'm calling it done - I'm working on the devastators as we speak with only chapter badges and damage to add to the missile launcher squad for it to be finished. The grav cannon squad was finished early on, and the lascannons completed in the last few weeks, I've even got the plasma cannon almost done so exceeding my target by 4 models, woohoo!. 4/4 - there's no stopping me now!

honour guard
Ok, maybe there is some stopping me! Honour guard have been drastically changed in 8th edition, to the extent that it's now a unit of 2! Call me crazy but I suspect I'll be calling time on this squad and making them vanguard veterans instead, which I love in this edition! 4/5 - 80% is a pass, right?

Sire Gabriel
Well he's nearly finished. It's mainly work on his base to be completed now, plus I've got a hankering to paint up his rapid fire battle cannon, though to call him tabletop ready the only work required is the base. Still, it's not finished so I can't call it done yet. 4/6 - the statistical return from a space marine assault cannon - yay!

Now comes the badly performing section - though I'm going to excuse myself some of it! Eidolon is mostly done, mainly the work remaining is on the base. However, having quite 30k on the release of the confirmation that it was remaining with the 7th edition ruleset and having become quite disillusioned with the lack of variety in the game, Eidolon will remain my sole 30k model for now (it was a gift after all so no way will I sell it!). 4/7 - not looking so hot now!

Kakophoni & Palatine Blades
As above, having pulled out of 30k, there was no way I was going to finish painting these guys, so I'm calling null and void on this goal. Still 4/7 - a better conversion rate than most premier league football strikers, can I get paid £200k per week please?

Tactical Support marines
On the face of it, these should sit in the same category as the Kakophoni and Palatine blades, but I went a bit crazy with the squad, and converted them to use as more devastator marines - so actually half of them are painted up with the other half started. I'm going to be controversial here and award myself a half point! 4.5/8 - Still up there with the best!

Interesting one here, what do I say about this one? This was originally supposed to be an Emperor's Children rhino, I even bought FW doors to go on it! Once 8th edition hit however, I thought at first that rhinos would be pretty useful, so off came the FW doors and on went some normal ones. It's now fully painted up in the colours of the dusk knights, though I'm intending to go back and rip the hatch out and replace it with a removable razorback turret so it can be used as either a rhino or razorback. It's perfectly usable in games as of now however, so I'm calling it done. 5.5/9 - 61% that's way over what I scored as an overall mark in either of my degrees, so I'm pretty pleased tbh!

Hobby season 17/18

Right, with that out of the way, let's see if I can set some goals and then beat that percentage next year eh? Well last season I set myself 15 goals, so I'm going to do the same again this year, but this time rather than grouping them into armies I'm going to cluster them as short, medium, and long term goals, appreciating that the longer term something is the more likely it is to get put to one side or deleted.

Short term goals (complete by Sep-Nov)

1. Complete painting on the Golovin Patrol force I'm currently working on (oh yes - the Golovin narrative will be returning soon! Hopefully with added videoness via the magic of YouTube). That means:

  • 5 bolter scouts
  • 1 thunder hammer & storm shield vanguard veteran
  • 3 lightning claw vanguard veterans
  • 2 plasma cannon marines
  • 1 devastator sergeant

2. Complete painting on my remaining scout snipers. 9 models.

3. Complete my missile launcher, heavy bolter and plasma cannon devastators not included in 1 above. 10 models.

4. Complete my current daemons commission work. 12 models.

5. Finish painting my 2000pt standard Dusk Knight list. 5 models.

Medium term goals (complete by Nov-Apr)

1. Devise colour schemes for Tau and Genestealer Cult armies.

2. Complete painting on crisis team and broadside battlesuit. 4 models.

3. Complete painting on neophyte, primus and magus. 12 models.

4. Complete Sire Gabriel. 1 base.

5. Complete scout bike squads. 5 models

Long term goals (complete by May-Aug)

1. Buy, build and paint Goliath Rockgrinder, 2 squads of GSC Neophytes and Leman Russ battletank

2. Buy, build and paint Razorshark Strike Fighter.

3. Complete restoration and painting of dreadnought and terminators for the Dusk Knights.

4. Buy, build and paint either land raider or storm raven for the Dusk Knights.

5. Complete painting of Swords of Dawn models from Dark Imperium.

There you go, my 15 hobby goals for the coming hobby season. Expect to see far more attention to this over the coming year than I did last year - these are all goals that I really want to achieve, and are within my long-term gaming system. I'm sure stuff like Necromunda will pop in here when that is released, but hopefully that'll add to the goals, rather than take away from them. Equally these 3 armies are the ones that at the moment I'd really like to run going forward. I know I've only recently got rid of a whole Tau army, but given how unhappy I was with the paint scheme, I decided to sell them on and start again rather than go through the bother of stripping them down.