Saturday, 30 September 2017

Battle report - Astartes vs Ynnari

Greetings all,
Whilst I didn't take comprehensive notes of this game, I thought I'd bring to you my latest foray in 8th edition, as 3,000pts of Dusk Knights took on 3,000pts of combined Aeldari and Harlequins under the banner of the Ynnari.

Dusk Knights Forces (2 battalions).
Pedro Kantor
Cataphractii Captain
Terminator Captain (Warlord)
Jump Pack Librarian

6 scout squads, 3 sniper, 1 bolter, 1 shotgun, 1 bolt pistol and combat blade

2 Kheres Contemptor Dreads
1 Assault Cannon Venerable Dread
1 Lascannon Venerable Dread
2 Devastator Squads (4 plasma cannons, 2 lascannons, 1 missile launcher, 1 heavy bolter)
2 Razorbacks (1 twin lascannon, 1 twin assault cannon)
8 Sternguard in a Rhino
8 Vanguard with a variety of weapons
Stormhawk Interceptor

2 units of Dire Avengers
2 Harlequin Troupes in star weavers
4 skyweavers
5 Wraithblades with axes in a wave serpent
2 units of dark reapers
6? striking scorpions

We rolled up cloak and shadows for the mission type (great, combined with the modifiers on the harlequin stuff I'd really be struggling to hit with my devastator units - thank goodness I'd gone with venerable dreads!

After 5 attempts at rolling for first turn, my opponent finally rolled better than me, and I promptly stole the initiative!

Battle round 1
My dreadnoughts and sternguard in the rhino strode forward, and I piled everything into the wave serpent, eventually bringing it down. The bolter and close combat scouts shot the two separate units of dire avengers, one of them losing six to bolter fire (5 ones from six wounds!) and the rest of the unit bar the exarch disappearing in the morale phase. The combat scouts then charged a unit of Dark Reapers to tie them up in combat, killing one. My Vanguard, Cataphract Captain and Librarian all dropped in behind enemy lines to try and take out Yvraine, but I failed to cast any powers and all the shooting bounced off her invun save.

In return, the Ynnari positioned themselves carefully coming forward. The Wraiths advanced on the contemptors but couldn't charge yet. Much of the fire this turn went into my Vanguard, who thanks to the storm shields weathered a huge amount of rockets (My opponent rolled 10+ on his tempest launchers pretty much every time he fired them), though most did eventually fall to weight of fire before getting charged and killed by the Yncarne. The Solitaire blitzed back across the field to charge the Captain and the Yncarne used a soulburst action to charge the Librarian, who failed to hurt it. The Captain took a couple of wounds from the solitaire and did three in return.

Dusk Knights 2: Ynnari 0

Battle round 2
The Dreadnoughts moved up again, causing 5 wounds on the wraithlord with the lascannons, and destroying both starweavers, whilst the Terminator Captain came in amongst the dreads on my left flank. The sternguard dismounted and opened fire on the wraiths, killing one, and one contemptor and sternguard then charged in. Two wraiths went down, though despite rolling 17 attacks and only missing with a couple of them, I only managed to cause 1 wound on the constructs with the sternguard! The Captain took down the Solitaire.

In return, the Ynnari fired everything they had at the Cataphractii Captain, taking him down to 2 wounds, the Yncarne killing the Librarian in combat. The troupe took out one venerable dreadnought (I made no 6+ saves on 9 wounds caused) but the second contemptor survived the fire of three fusion pistols, rolling a triple 6 for his invun! Yvraine joined the combat with the dark reapers and scouts, whilst the bolter scouts took down the dire avenger exarch. The other squad of dire avengers charged the Cataphractii captain, doing no damage and losing half their number in return. The skyweavers wiped out a unit of sniper scouts.

Dusk Knights 7: Ynnari 0

Battle round 3
Turn 3 is usually the turn when the game settles and you can start to predict the result I find, and that proved to be so here too. I drew a great hand of cards. Over the course of these two turns, the second squad of sniper scouts managed to fall back from combat with the skyweavers, claiming an objective from them in the process (1 guy survived!). Half the striking scorpions were killed, my devastators hit but failed to wound the Yncarne, whilst the plasma cannons yet again tried very hard to kill themselves when shooting at the sky weavers. The Cataphractii Captain killed the rest of the dire avengers, and the two scout units got finished off by Yvraine, though she was wounded in the process. The contemptor finally finished off the Wraithblades over the two combat phases, though he was left on a single wound, and advanced on the wraithlord.

Dusk Knights 15: Ynnari 1

Battle Rounds 4-5:

We decided the game would end on turn 5 as it was getting late and we needed to pack up.

Over the course of these two turns, both armies continued to hammer away at each other, but the cards were still going in my favour - the Yncarne tried to follow up where the Harlequin troupers had failed by charging my Warlord, but over two combat phases he felt the wrath of Andreo's hammer, getting pulped in the battle of the warlords. Pedro got into combat with the sky weavers, eventually finishing them off, whilst the razorbacks tussled with Karandras and the striking scorpions. Honours about even, with the lascannon armed razorback dying despite hitting Karandras full in the face with a pair of lascannons (I rolled snake eyes to wound), the assault cannon razorback wiped out the scorpions before Karandras charged in and stripped 5 wounds from it.

On the other side of the field, the contemptor died to overwatch from the wraithlord's flamers, whilst the sternguard claimed an objective deep in the Ynnari deployment zone. I survived (somehow) with 3 of the squad despite all the dark reaper rockets firing at me, and the wraithlord carged into combat but wiffed his rolls three times in a row. At the game's end I had one sternguard left, Kantor, my terminator captain, a rhino and a half dead razorback. My opponent had Karandras, a handful of dark reapers, an Autarch and a half dead wraithlord. Yvraine had taken on one target too many and the sniper scouts riddled her with holes as she charged in, taking her last wound with a swift rifle butt to the head before a storm of reaper fire ended them.

Final score:
Dusk Knights 21
Ynnari 2

The aftermath!

Wow, what a bloodbath! Turn 3 was, as is often the case, a turning point, as I took down and finished a lot of stuff and got in a good round of scoring whilst my opponent failed to really achieve much.

The cards were certainly in my favour on the night, with me rarely drawing anything I couldn't achieve, and picking up 3 points for kingslayer too, drawing the card on the same turn that the Yncarne died. By contrast, my opponent's cards were mainly securing objectives I was holding comfortably in my deployment zone, and even Hold the Line proved impossible for him to get, as first my cataphractii captain and then the sternguard stubbornly held out in his deployment zone (ironically, I didn't even know he'd drawn it so wasn't making an actual effort to stop him).

The mission really hampered me though, causing a -1 modifier to hit anything more than 18" away in addition to the harlequins own negative modifiers. That meant I was often needing 5's to hit with my devastators, and this was the first game when I'd say they weren't a massive influence on the game's outcome. Having so many 4++ invun saves on his army also really frustrated me, I could get the simple shots through but none of my heavy hitters were striking home.

As I detailed yesterday in my lesson learned post - the Vanguard and the characters accompanying them were a huge influence on the game, not only did the captain keep my opponent from scoring hold the line, but he diverted such a proportion of his shooting to it on turn 1-2 that my other units were spared a storm of fire. Don't get me wrong, he needed to divert that shooting at them, otherwise I'd have ripped his own firebase apart, dark reapers wouldn't last long against lightning claws, but even so their presence meant I could achieve more elsewhere.

I know I was on the winning side of things, but both I and my opponent agreed we'd had an awesome game of 40k, easily my favourite game this edition so far!