Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Hobby update and #dreadtober

Hi all, just a very brief update today - I've been distracted by RL stuff I'm afraid. Still, I've had time to get work in on some new objective markers, my dreadnoughts for #dreadtober (which are now finished) and some commission stuff, though I've realised that without their mounts, the bloodbletters look like they're dancing to Gangnam Style!
Objective markers, which can also double as scatter scenery

Dreadnought 1, with some dodgy yellow osl!

 Dreadnought 2, much more conventional and no weird yellow bits!

Bloodcrusher progress

Some Seeker mounts

Really pleased with the sword effect on this one!

And finally I'm getting my skaven bloodbowl team from Black Scorpion ready for sale to a mate. not much more to do on them tbh.

Till next time,