Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Plans. Never make them too far ahead!

Greetings all! Sorry it's been a bit quiet on the blog here recently, I went away last weekend for a family break with some friends and their kids so things have been a bit quiet in general on the hobby front since early last week. Rest assured though, normal service will resume very soon, and a lesson learned post is coming for Friday. This week's topic is blessings in disguise!

Still, I digress, because the post title and header pic make it obvious (I hope) that something significant has just happened in my hobby. Hopefully you'll have seen that recently I've been preparing for my next army, getting my T'au colour scheme prepped and ready and drafting out a list to work with and build to.

Well, my biggest concern about that was that the list was written from the Index, and given the seemingly unrelenting pace that GW is churning out the codices at the moment that didn't seem to be too much of a problem. However, doubts persisted and I just couldn't resolve myself to spending such a significant amount of money if early next year (I'm guessing, no inside info here) a new codex dropped and messed up all my synergies (I don't like that kind of thing).

Add to that, one of my closest hobby buddies is also planning his own T'au list, and you get where this might be heading? Yup, the Firestorm Enclave is to be put on hold for a bit. I'll still work on the background for it, and I'll probably even pick up the odd unit here and there to gradually put something together, but I'm shifting focus for a while instead.

But, where to? I hear you ask (speak up a bit!).

Well, given the above, it should be fairly obvious that it's to one of the factions that already has a book, and given I already have the marine codex we're narrowing things down quite a bit.

Ok, I'll just tell you shall I?

Eldar (or Aeldari for the newcomers amongst you).

7th edition was not a time to start an Eldar army, at least not if you wanted to keep your friends.

Now, I suppose I ought to give you a bit of background about me and the Eldar, cos we have history. A lot of history!

Way back when after I'd painted so many marines I wanted a break from it all, I bought some Eldar bits. In particular, a Falcon grav tank. I painted it up in some colours I really liked, spending hours (about 16 if I recall, cos I kept track of it back then) getting it how I wanted. Then GW went and changed the paint range and deleted all the main colours I'd used, replacing them with, well, nothing remotely similar.

Being rather more patient back then, I readjusted and repainted the Falcon in shades of midnight blue and it still looked pretty good, but sadly the scheme just didn't translate well to the guardians. That plan got scrapped, and I moved on to something else (Night Lords I think).

Back in 6th edition, I tried again, bought a few bits, including a Wraithknight, and began a new paint scheme. I had always wanted a jetbike list, loving the aesthetic of all those lovely grav tanks and bikes sweeping across the table. There was just one problem, the age of the jetbike model and the upright position of the rider grated something inside me, so I decided to wait until a new model came out. Instead, I figured a wraith army would be quite cool, low model count but equally visually impressive (this is actually something Eldar armies do really well, keeping strong design elements through different sizes/types of models enabling your army to look visually stunning if it's themed right). Then the new codex hit, and d-weapons became the new cheese. This I didn't want to be a part of, so I dropped the project once more.

Then, wonder of wonders, rumours of a new jetbike model! At last, all my dreams were coming true! Err, no, because once more, cheese had infiltrated the craftworld, and nastiness ensued. I still didn't want to be a part of that. Now however, we have a new eldar codex, and it sounds (from what I've heard/seen) as if finally we have something I would be willing to collect that won't lose me all my friends, but is equally everything I wanted it to be in visual terms.

So, forget the T'au for now, next project is the Eldar (look for revised hobby goals for the hobby season incoming!).

Now, I need your help here, because already I'm torn! I have two names bubbling round in my head for possible craftworlds, and I'll be using the Saim Hann attribute for my list, so keep that in mind, the wild, unleashed element of the Eldar spirit set free upon the battlefield.

Craftworld Il-Sariadh. This is a GW created Craftworld, though with only a very small amount of narrative (thanks Winters!) to go with it. The Craftworld played host to a gathering of Harlequins, but at the height of their performance, one was revealed to be the Changeling, who triggered a mass invasion by daemons. The invasion was thrown back by an aspect warhost, but the 'best and brightest' had been cut down.

In narrative terms therefore, I can easily see this as triggering the wilder side of the Eldar to take over, the Craftworld becoming ever more aggressive as they lack the guidance from the more restrained elements of Eldar society. It would also justify inclusion of some Wraithkin elements, but would limit the opportunity for taking a Farseer. I could easily justify that in narrative terms, but that invasion is a significant narrative element I'd have to work around.

Craftworld Mael Dannan. This is the second option therefore, entirely my own creation and therefore at present has little fluff behind it, though that's easily rectified. The key thing here is the name, with Mael Dannan in Eldar meaning 'Total and merciless extermination'. I like this as somewhere to start, and it also lends itself to a spirit-defining moment in the Craftworld's history where a previously 'peaceful' colony in the 40k universe is spurred on by such collective loss that it becomes a raging inferno of destruction, intent on exacting revenge upon the lesser races, whatever the cost.

So, I've put a little poll up on the blog, please feel free to cast your vote, and when it expires, whatever the result, that will be the name of my new army!

In other news, this project is also coinciding with some of my closer friends also commencing new armies, so keep your eyes peeled in that respect, as something new may be coming!

Till next time,