Monday, 11 December 2017

Hobby update 11/12/17 - commission bloodcrushers & sector mechanicus

Greetings all, welcome to the frozen wastes of Terra, and this week's look into my lair at what I've been up to.

Naturally I'm afraid at this time of year, hobby time is at a premium, and although I did get to sit down for a while on Saturday, I also had plenty of things to get done before Christmas.

That being said, I did get some progress in on my daemons commission, so here are the latest pics of the Bloodcrushers I'm working on. They're getting pretty close to completion now, which is most definitely welcome as I made a bit of a mistake by undercoating them white initially - this has meant that getting an even smooth coat on them has taken much longer than it should have done. Finishing them also took a bit of a backseat whilst I got my Dusk Knight list painted for Never Mind the Blogwars.

I've never had to paint quite as much red as this before, I'd like to think that red is one of the colours I'm better at, but getting smoothness into the blends on the skin of the bloodletter riders was really tricky, and overall there's at least 6 layers on there (that's six different colours applied in sequence, it's more than that if you count actual layers to get a smooth finish).

Similarly, the juggernauts use a different approach to getting the red done, I felt that the models could become quite boring if everything was just one big blob of the same red, so for these guys I used a different base red, before applying some thinned down upper layers  that give a different tone and feel to the models from the bloodletters.

The swords in particular I'm quite proud of, as I really wanted to get across the feeling of rage and fire that I imagine fills Khorne's realm in the warp. At least now all the models are complete from an assembly point of view, so I can get to adding the final touches.

Aside from that, the joint project I'm working on with some friends through the Grim Dark Brotherhood is coming ever closer, and we're looking at getting some details firmed up for an even in Q1 next year (Late Q1 that is, I'm changing jobs in January and the good lady's birthday is in February).

One of the projects we're working on in that regard is getting lots of scenery ready, and to that end last weekend we got our hands on some sector mechanicus stuff. Loads of work to do but we've got a really exciting and striking paint scheme planned (ok, nicked from White Dwarf) so at the weekend I put a few bits together to see how it looks.

Big is the answer, it looks very big!

This one is the smallest of the three kits we picked up, so with a few additions in terms of scatter scenery and some line of sight blocking terrain, we should have plenty here to fill a whole board. Added to that, this will quite nicely provide us with some good scenery to play our games of Necromunda over once we get up and running next year.

Till next time,