Monday, 4 December 2017

Hobby update - Craftworld and Dusk Knight reinforcements.

Hi all,
It's Monday again so that must mean updates on my hobby progress! This week real life has intruded a little so I've not got quite as much done as I normally would, however I did get some time to myself on Saturday night and Sunday to crack on with assembling the reinforcements I've picked up from my birthday funds.

First off though, let's have a look at the actual painting I did do this week.

As you may have seen from earlier posts, I've been commissioned to paint up some assassins for one of my readers. I was given a fairly wide brief, they were to follow the traditional 'black synskin' suits theme, but the detail would be up to me to decide. When I was thinking about the project, I decided it would be quite cool to try and reflect the character of each assassin through the colour scheme.


This was the first model I tackled, with the most obvious character of the 4 I think. The Eversor is a bubbling cauldron of rage, threatening to spill over at any minute so I went for red accents on the suit, and a warm rusted orange for the pipe he was sprinting along. For the rest of him, I kept the armour tones pretty standard silver, the Eversor cares not about decoration, simply that the weapons are functional.


Next up I got to work on the Vindicare. This to me (despite how iconic the Eversor is) is the classic assassin image, so I wanted to emphasise the idea of working the shadows  and being as cold and hard as ice. I decided to go with blue for the suit highlights to convey the idea of it being night, and I used similar highlight colours on the stonework column against which the model is standing. Again, I kept the decoration on the gun to a minimum, giving it a basic silver coat before adding a blue glaze and a gloss nuln oil wash. The result I think is a pretty clean looking model with a minimum of fuss and ornamentation, only the bone coloured mask and occasional skull details picking up too much colour.


Next up was the Culexus, and this was the one I was initially most scared of (in a good way, though obviously the Culexus is a scary dude!). I wanted to try and convey character for something that is essentially characterless. Hmm, needed to think about that for a bit, as I didn't simply want to plump for a random colour that had no bearing, and then it hit me. How about if I did it completely without colour? That would be an interesting idea and should fit the bill perfectly, if I could pull it off!

In the end, I relented just a little, and added a very tiny amount of Agrax Earthshade wash to some of the metal areas. The rest however is all done with greys and silvers and some gloss varnish. Whilst I admit its a very unconventional look, I'm really pleased with the overall effect, and I don't think it loses anything from not having a spot colour on there.


Finally then was the Callidus. My client had requested the pony tail be left off, so that was one problem I didn't have to tackle, but there was another - again, how to convey character for a model that could become anything it wished to be. In the end, I was influenced in this regard by the weapons and gear. I always imagine a Callidus to be the most exotic of the assassins, carrying a phase sword and neural shredder, and having finished painting the Culexus I wanted to get some colour back into the project. I went in the end for gold and green, a classically ostentatious combination I think, and the green could equally hint at Necrontyr origins of the sword and also be suitably creepy with the bulbous eyes of the Callidus model.

Commission complete

So with that done, the project was finished. My client would add the basing details to match the rest of his armies, but I was pretty pleased with how the assassins turned out. I'm so pleased and thankful to have had the opportunity to paint these new models - I've got one of the old Vindicare models but rarely use assassins in my games. As it was, this gave me a great opportunity to paint some really nice miniatures that I just couldn't justify buying myself.

Dusk Knights

So, following Never Mind the Blogwars I've had a little re-jig in my standard Dusk Knights list (which will need to be re-done again now thanks to Chapter Approved)! That meant getting hold of some new models (thank you birthday!). Meet these as-yet-unnamed reinforcements!

The first is an Ironclad Dreadnought to join my Contemptors in legging it up the middle of the field. I've refrained from gluing the arms so that they can be swapped out if I want the Chainfist or Hurricane bolters. This is the loadout I envisage using most though.

On the right is a librarian in Terminator Armour. I had a few issues with my libby at NMTBW, and I figured a 5++ would help in that regard, as would the 2+ normal armour save. He has one job, and one job only, which is to stick as close as possible to the dreadnoughts, smiting where he can but in the main, casting Might of Heroes on the contemptor, which will boost it up to T9, S14 and 5 attacks. Should make a mess of anything it makes contact with! Normally I'll be using heavy flamers underslung beneath the arms too, so as to discourage people from charging him.

Then, finally, I added the last necessary elements to my Craftworld Eldar to get a 500pt list together. And then because I found it at the bottom of a pile of boxes in a local FLGS, despite being out of stock just about everywhere else, I added the first elements of the next phase as well!

I must just say this, the Fire Prism is an absolute gem of a model! The hull section is getting a little old now (the mould could perhaps do with renewing or retooling) but the turret on the top is a work of genius, so sleek and cool and perfectly fits the Aeldari aesthetic. The jetbikes should get finished construction this week, giving me two squads of six to play with. I'm inclined to use shuriken catapults on them even though it does mean getting close - after all, that's the Saim Hann way of doing things, and skulking at the back of the board with scatter lasers just doesn't sit right with me.

So there you have it, till next time!