Friday, 12 January 2018

Dusk Knights vs Orks

Greetings all, 
I've got a brief battle report for you all today, from my league game last night. Our league isn't prescriptive about game sizes or fixed lists etc, so I agreed to play a 2000pt game against Andy H and his Orks. 
Obviously, with a full codex and Andy not having access to the Chapter Approved rules for Orks, things could be a bit unbalanced, so I decided to take a bit more of an experimental list and not push the envelope for efficiency. My list therefore looked something like this:

Terminator Captain, Shield Eternal, Thunder Hammer
Terminator Chaplain, Storm Bolter, Crozius Arcanum
Terminator Librarian, Storm Bolter, Force Staff

3 Squads of 5 Sniper Scouts with Camo Cloaks

10 Cataphractii Terminators, 2 Heavy Flamers, 8 Combi Bolters, 1 Power Sword, 2 Chainfists, 3 Lightning Claws and 4 Powerfists.
7 Vanguard Veterans, 5 Bolt Pistols, 2 Pairs of Lightning Claws, 2 Power Axes, 2 Power Swords, 1 Relic Blade.

Predator, Twin Lascannons, 2 Heavy Bolters
Thunderfire Cannon
Devastator Squad (7 man), 4 Missile Launchers, Armorium Cherub

Stormhawk Interceptor, Las Talon, Typhoon Missile Launcher, 2 Assault Cannons

My opponent had (roughly) the following
2 Warbosses, 2 big meks, 2 weirdboys, 1 doc
A squad of meganobs in a big trakk with skorchas
A squad of Nobs in a trukk
A squad of Tankbustas in a trukk
A large squad of boys in a battlewagon
A burna bomber
A squad of gretchin
A squad of boys on foot.

 We rolled up the Spoils of War mission, with Search and Destroy deployment (table quarters).

My opponent finished deploying first, but I got first turn, and drew a nice hand of cards. The Vanguard dropped in and charged the gretchin, so that I could take the objective from them (and score 3 victory points for doing so). I also managed to target the burna bomber with enough firepower to get rid of it this turn, though everything else I shot at the big trakk, taking off some wounds but not doing enough to kill it or drop it down a bracket.

In return, the meganobs got out of the big trakk to go after the vanguard, while the normal trukks whizzed their cargo up the middle of the table. The tankbustas took some pot shots at the predator, but only stripped 3 wounds.

The big trakk then gunned its engines and targeted the terminator librarian (who had teleported in to cast veil of time on the vanguard to make sure they got into combat), roasting him alive with its 4 skorchas.

Turn 2 and my terminators arrived, forming a thin blue line in front of the nobs and tankbustas. The tankbustas trukk by now was a burning wreck

The nearest unit of scouts charged the Nobs trukk, just to tie it up in combat, unfortunately the terminators then failed to back them up by not making the charge.

Poor scouts, they spent the whole game on this objective, and not once did either of us draw the card!

In the Ork turn the Nobs piled out of the trukk and threw themselves headlong at the terminators, whilst the tankbustas took out a couple with their rockets.

The combat saw another 3 terminators bite the dust, but in return they and the characters  took out both the tankbustas and the nobs. The captain consolidated forwards toward the Nobs trukk, though I didn't bother being too aggressive with the terminators at this stage.

The trukk went down under the Captain's assault (though just barely thanks to some poor rolling) and he kept barrelling up the field at the battlewagon.

As much fire focused on the battlewagon, and I took it down far enough that the Captain was able to charge it (I scored a point this turn for a successful charge) and smash it to pieces. Unfortunately, I forgot that the thing was full of boys, and in the following turn they rushed headlong at my warlord. Who very nearly survived it all! After all the boys and the warboss had attacked he was still there on 1 wound. Unfortunately (for me) we'd forgotten the nob, and when he was done he'd scored a single wound on the captain, which I then failed to save on my shield eternal, and I'd used all my command points by then too.

Notwithstanding that by this point the game was pretty much over, the big trakk had gone as had all the other ork means of transportation, and my opponent was stuck with a big mek, the doc, a weirdboy on a single wound and 3 meganobs on his side of the field, trying to hunt down a squad of scouts, whilst on my side I still had a 5-man squad of terminators (with 2 heavy flamers), the untouched devastator squad, predator, thunderfire cannon, stormhawk and another unit of scouts.

Thankfully as it was getting late, the game ended on turn 5, with the score 16-10 to me. I'd had a really big turn 1, racing into a 7-0 lead, and whilst my opponent brought things back really well to the end of the game with a 4pt haul from his own warlord, I was too far out of sight to be caught by then.

So, all in all the league is going really well. I've played twice as many games as my nearest challenger, but with only 2 losses from my 8 games and a couple of bonus points from tablings, the others are going to have to work pretty hard to catch me. I've got two games left to play, against Night Lords and Dark Angels

Till next time!

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