Monday, 15 January 2018

Hobby update 2018 Week 2

Greetings all, that time of the week again, when I update you on all the lovely hobby progress going on in the Burning Eye domain! This week is a bumper week in some ways, got lots done (well, that's how it feels at the moment, I guess we'll see when it's all laid out won't we!

Painting update

Dusk Knights

Well having not painting anything blue for what feels like an eternity (and I can't be bothered to check back and see when I last posted up a new model for the DK on the blog) I finally cracked out the Kantor Blue once more this week to try and get some progress in on the additions I made from my birthday haul. First up is the terminator librarian, as I wanted to use him in my game against the Orks and wanted to at least have some colours down on him before I put him on the table.

First job was to get the basic blue armour down (one of the advantages of painting all your marines blue in my mind is that librarians don't stand out as weird anymore). As a centrepiece model who would probably have all sorts of eldritch energies coursing through his armour, I decided to put a blend on the armour plating here.

I then added in a little of the neutral details against which the figure needs to pop, so Rakarth Flesh and an Agrax Earthshade wash over the cloak, tabard, shoulders, elbows and hands. I then added a yellow trim to the cloak, partly to echo the command echelon colours from Chapter Master Regulo, and partly because way back when I first collected space marines, all the libbies had yellow detailing. This is Averland Sunset layered with Yriel Yellow. The brass areas got a Brass Scorpion basecoat ready for dulling down with Runelord Brass.


This was the area where I made the most progress this week. Last week I updated you on the promethium pipes I'm working on, well I've got more done on them this week, and am hoping to get still more done in the next few days, hopefully getting that project off the 'WiP' list.

This little set completes all the pipe 'ends' that I've got separate, there's a couple of the broken ends attached to other pipes but I don't think we need to count those.

I have to say I love the verdigris effect, Nihiliakh Oxide really is a fun paint to use!

I bet you're thinking 'that's not much progress' though aren't you? Well, that wasn't all the terrain work I did this week. Just before Christmas, the brotherhood picked up some Sector Mechanicus stuff and I got the job of stripping and clipping it all from the frames and getting the primer on. So 3 evenings over the weekend were spent clearing the mould lines from the pieces.

Inspiration from Tabletop Tactics as I'm working, seeing their sector mech stuff looking awesome in the first mission of their Ghostmaker campaign.

And no, I didn't bother taking mould lines off the connector clips!

Here it is in all its glory, 3 big kits and over £100 worth of terrain under the spray can! It's now half done (takes a while to dry in this cold weather) so should be fully primed tonight, and can be shipped off to Tuck Shop for turning silver (don't have any leadbelcher spray otherwise I'd just have used that) before we start adding details. This will be painted to match the promethium pipes so should hopefully look pretty stunning when it's completed.


I haven't forgotten my commission commitments in the meantime though, and I'm pleased to say that the Bloodcrushers are finally complete, awaiting basing! It's been a bit of a slog given the colours and method I went for, and I wouldn't be rushing to buy some for a daemon army any time soon (actually, daemons don't appeal to me anyway) but I'm definitely pleased with the results.

Gaming Update

Only one game this week, as the Dusk Knights took on the Orks in a battle in the Dark Imperium Premier League but once again the Marines emerged triumphant. I didn't take a full on hardcore list as I know the Orks are struggling a bit without a Codex at the moment, so instead my terminator complement saw the table en masse. As I expected, they weren't the invincible wall of metal and death that the narrative makes them out to be, but they did enough to pull out the win (thanks largely to the heroic sacrifice of a unit of vanguard veterans).

I did a short form battle report for the game on the blog last week, which is linked below. I'm pleased to say that this win keeps me at the head of the pack in the league, on 20pts from my 8 games so far. Whilst I've got a 10 pt lead over my nearest challenger, that somewhat misleading as no-one else has played more than 4 league games yet (c'mon people, pull your finger out!)

Well that's me for now, I'll hopefully be back tomorrow with a review of the Storm Guardians (or maybe Dire Avengers) from the Eldar codex.