Monday, 5 February 2018

Hobby update week 5. All about Squaduary

Greetings all, back into the swing of a new week, and it's Squaduary taking the limelight for the next 4 weeks! Hopefully you'll have all seen my pledge last week for this event, and are looking forward to lots of painting updates on the Swords of Dawn in the first instance.

So, with that in mind, I've been working on the Primaris squads identified in my pledge, doing a combination of batch painting and individual work to get both progress on the squads as a whole and also visible movement to feel like I'm actually getting things done as the days tick by on the challenge!

Painting update:

First up on the block were the Primaris Inceptors. I've had them since release day, used them a couple of times and only 1 had any paint on it, so this was the ideal time to get them done. First job was to get the base colours down, Mechanicus Standard Grey for the legs, and Naggaroth Night for the upper torso.

Then Balthasar Gold for the chest eagle and the shoulder pad trims, plus the signature green glow of the eye lenses that will run right through the Swords of Dawn army.

It's difficult to see here, but there is actually then a layer of Xereus Purple over the upper torso, whilst the legs have had the layer of Dawnstone added ready for edge highlights.

After that, the idea was to then batch paint up to that stage for all the Swords of Dawn on the Squaduary pledge, before getting some models to a more finished state.

Gaming update.

I've played two games this week, though to be honest I didn't really take any photos of any particular note.

The first saw the Dusk Knights taking on a force of Blood Angels, and I decided to try and make my devastator centurions work a bit better than they have before. The experiment was definitely a success, however the investment into the unit becomes prohibitive and I wouldn't recommend it if you're trying to be competitive.

The concept is taking a chapter master to grant full hitting rerolls, whilst you then add in an ancient with the standard of the Emperor ascendant, and an apothecary. Twice my opponent managed to kill a centurion and twice the apothecary brought them back to the land of the living, keeping the unit alive for the whole game.

We ended up playing Big Guns Never Tire for this match, and though my opponent suffered under my guns (he was left with the remnants of a few tactical squads) I failed to secure the win.

The second game saw me take a mixed force, with terminators included and several of my default 'competitive' units absent, going up against a slaanesh demon army with 2 daemon princes and the Forgeworld Greater Demon (I want to say Zarachniel?).

The greater demon was the biggest influence on the whole game to be honest, and though my librarian did some sterling work with smite (twice rolling an 11 to get D6 wounds, though the second time caused only 1) its rule converting wounding hits into multiple mortal wounds did for me, taking out a squad of vanguard veterans before they got to attack, and also seeing off a terminator captain, terminator librarian and a contemptor dreadnought before it butchered a squad of scout snipers.

Next week's gaming takes a break from 40k, as the Asgard's Wrath take to the field of Bloodbowl once more in the MAD League III, going up against the Dead Re-released who lead the field by some margin but suffered their first defeat in their last outing.

Till next time,

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