Monday, 12 February 2018

Hobby update week 6 - I need to paint something other than purple!

Greetings all, welcome to week 6's hobby update for 2018! I'm still all about Squaduary at the moment, and I'm still settling into finding a new routine for posting and painting, so please bear with me for a while as the blog settles down with my new job. Given my ridiculous pledge for Squaduary though I've found little time in the evenings to write new posts and get myself prepared for the week ahead so you'll have to make do with this kind of thing for a bit!

Painting update

Some nutter (it may have been me) thought that it would be a good idea for me to take part in Squaduary. Unfortunately that nutter also has a thing about doing things 'properly' and so such a pledge didn't simply mean get something done, I imposed a whole extra set of standards on myself.
1. It would be cheating to pledge something already started and just finish it off.
2. It would be cheating to pledge less than a 10-man squad.
3. It would be cheating if that squad were already built and ready for painting.


A. The pledge were so big in scale that all of the above were rendered irrelevant by virtue of the scale of the task.

So, I pledged to paint 3 Inceptors (already built, primed and with 1 layer of base purple on 1 model), 3 Reivers (built and primed), 10 Intercessors (all built and primed with some in progress), and 6 windrider jetbikes (built and primed).

With that in mind, I'm pretty pleased with my completions so far!

Inceptors - Finished
Reivers - Finished
Intercessors - Final edge highlights
Windriders - Not started yet

Gaming update

Just the one game this week, with no photos. It was a bloodbowl league game, in which I was up against the almost undefeated league leaders in 'Dead Re-released', a Necromantic team. Nuffle obviously must have taken exception to the colour of my shirt that day or something, because even at 2-0 down on the last turn of the game, he decided to decline my entreaties to allow me a consolation touchdown and I failed a go-for-it to reach the end zone.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not blaming the defeat on the dice, I made plenty of mistakes in the game, like getting involved in a punch up with two Golems, some wights and werewolves, but the dice really put the icing on the cake for me in that respect. Still, I'm still in with a chance of getting to the play-offs so all is not lost, just so long as I don't get anymore players killed!

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