Sunday, 4 February 2018

May the hobbyist be fitter - part 5

Greetings all! Welcome to part 5 of my quest to become a fitter, healthier hobbyist!
Today's post will just be a quick update I'm afraid, as the new job (and associated working hours) are having an impact on all sorts of aspects of life so things are a bit unsettled at the moment until a new pattern emerges.

One part of that new pattern will be me moving to calculating my weight based on Saturday evening's figure rather than Friday evening, with these posts moving to a Sunday night (giving me Saturday night to write them!).

Total weight loss: 6.2 kg

Current BMI: 31.5

Remaining weight loss to target: 22 kg.

So, that's 1.1kg lost this week, and I feel that's an entirely manageable figure, so despite having had a couple of nights off from exercises to give my arms and in particular my shoulder and knee a bit of time to recover, I've still managed to reduce my weight, including a loss from Friday night to Saturday night, which is a bonus since in recent weeks Saturday nights have been a not inconsiderable increase from Friday night's measurement.

I'm looking to add cardio exercise to the core strength exercises this week, so hopefully that will start to give me a second wind as it were in terms of losses, as well as a general improvement in overall fitness, meaning I should be able to cope better with the other exercises too instead of being totally out of breath when I've finished!

Till next week, wish me luck!

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