Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Squaduary - the final analysis!

Greetings all! Wow, what happened there then? Turns out I've not posted up since the 12th February!
I'll tell you what happened, as if you couldn't guess!

1. Burnout. I managed so many blog posts in February I really just couldn't keep that pace up, for two reasons.
2. New job. I'm now working an hour's drive from home, and doing long days to avoid traffic and make the most of flexi time. That means leaving the house at half six every morning and not back till half six in the evening. So bedtime is much earlier than it used to be to account for having to get up about 90 minutes earlier. That means less time in the evenings to paint and write for the blog.
3. A massive squaduary pledge. Yes, I'm now back to having a whole hour for lunch (feels so much better than half an hour!) but the downside is that because I foolishly pledged so many models for Squaduary, and included a squad of jetbikes in that, that all my evenings and spare lunch breaks have been taken up getting stuff painted. That means no time to prep and write articles, and when I did have nights off from painting, I wanted to spend them with the family instead of typing all night.

So, what have I achieved in compensation for my time away from the blog?

A load of finished models, that's what! Well, not actually finished, but only requiring minimal work and work that I want to do all together for the army, so they're finished for now.

Swords of Dawn

Let's start with these guys shall we, since I started them first! My Primaris marines have been sat around in a box since last summer when I bought Dark Imperium. Once funds allow, I want to start adding to them now, I've certainly got the excitement back for them now I've got a few list ideas! These Inceptors are very cool looking models and I'm really pleased with the paint job I managed on them, if only they could last more than a turn on the tabletop!

They still require company numbers, chapter badge and basing, but that will come in time, I want to do the chapter badges all the same to get consistency, and I haven't got any numbered transfers at the moment (how???) so that will have to wait.

Reivers - these are my favourite looking of the new squads, heaven knows why I only bought the easy to build kit, I'll certainly be adding a full box to them just as soon as I can, they were really fun to paint.

As with the Inceptors, chapter badges, basing and company iconography still to add. I'd love to get some transfers custom done for the army, so if anyone knows of a firm wanting to advertise and do me some freebies I'm more than happy to do a review, haha!

Intercessors - I love, love, love the look of these guys, they really do look nails, and at least they perform reasonably on the tabletop - why 'normal' bolters don't come with -1AP I'll never know (unless someone from GW design team wants to explain? Then I'll know...)

Basing on these guys is done bar a rune/glyph on the banner, but still need to add chapter banner and company numbers.

Craftworld Mael Dannan

I can't quite express properly how excited I am that these guys are finally coming together. I designed the canopy iconography for these guys at least 15 years ago now! Plus, having pledged the squad that I'd not started, I've got the second squad of six almost finished too!

I'm really pleased with the balance of colours on these models - I wanted something a little bit high-contrast given the Dusk Knights are very gritty and understated, and whilst the Swords of Dawn aren't exactly camo'd up to the eyeballs, their scheme is still not bright like this one. I'm particularly pleased with the reds on the bikes though, I think they work really nicely as a contrast to the grey and green.

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