Monday, 6 August 2018

Looking to get back in the groove

Hi all,
wow, it's been a long while since I last posted, almost 3 months in fact! I'm thoroughly settled in to my new job now so I'm looking to get myself a little bit of time now and again to get back to the blog and get some more content out!

So, what's been happening in the hobby world since then for me?

Dusk Knights

These guys are now mostly up-to date in terms of having painted almost everything I own for them, though with each passing codex release it becomes apparent that the book is ageing quite quickly, in particular in terms of which units 'should' make up a fluffy force, compared to which units 'do'.

I think the next additions to the Dusk Knights are going to be in the armoured section, with a view to getting the 'black templar' combat side of the army functioning better.

Swords of Dawn

Ever since I started painting the Stormhawk Interceptor for this force, I've decided that I'm short on detail in the paintwork, so I've tweaked the background for them slightly and I'm adding some more tribal/piratical style markings to them, I wanted to add some unusual flavour to the chapter that much of the Primaris stuff seems to be lacking.

Mael Dannan

I'm just about up to speed also with these guys now as well, just a few underslung guns on the windriders to do. I've got a big batch of other models to do for them, however these were a freebie from a friend and none of them are GW models so they're nothing more than occasional stuff to keep my hand in.

Kill Team

Well this was a real welcome release, I've run several kill team tournaments at my local club, so to get hold of a proper rule set and supported game was beyond anything I had dreamed of, plus it gives me an excuse to start a new army. And plug my other project of course, since me and my brothers grim have decided to run ourselves a campaign and get some battle reports filmed and on to youtube. I'll let you know more details when I have them, but for now, just a heads up that we all agreed it would be more fun to draw factions at random than resort to our default favourites. I'm not gonna reveal too much just yet, since we filmed the draw but we've got a pretty nice spread of factions involved and I'm working on some cool background for the campaign (plus writing a second background for my club campaign, why do I do this stuff, haha!?)

That's it for now, but I'll try and get some regular posting back soon and get some more pics up for you to see! I'm also going to look at getting the background and fluff parts of the blog bulked out and organised better - I've always enjoyed making sure my armies have background but that's rarely made it very far in terms of anything other than my own head.

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