Wednesday, 26 September 2018

Audience participation time!

Greetings all, it's that time again!
My last reader participation event went really well, determining the name of my craftworld eldar army, Mael Dannan. There's just one problem, which is that a lot of the next stuff I want to include in that army is stuff that I either don't like the current models for (Shining Spears, Skyrunner Autarch etc) or more of the same I've already got. As I don't hear many whispers about new stuff coming for the Asuryani any time soon, I thought I'd get my planning pants out of the drawer and shake the dust and spiders off them. No? Don't like the idea of planning pants? How about a thinking man's mankini?

So, I logged on to the GW website and had a trawl through the factions on there. And because I'm one of those people that appreciates the vast majority of factions for their own individualities, I made a list. And that's where you lovely people are going to come in, because I just can't make up my mind! I've been working on some of these ideas for ages, others are much more recent, so here we go! Each faction is accompanied by a little brief of what the army will be like, rough ideas for colour scheme and background, please post up in the comment section below what you'd like to see me work on next (alongside the odd little bit of Eldar and more Swords of Dawn of course). Hopefully I'd love to get all of these armies going one day, though I've known me long enough that that's probably an ambition way beyond my means.

Option 1: Orks. Waaagh Gruntsnagga
This would be a speed freeks warband, not sure which klan as yet but clearly this would be massively time appropriate given the forthcoming Orktober.
Colour scheme would be based around bone/cream clothing, the traditional rusty ork weapons and red glyphs.

Option 2: Necrons. The Sobekhotep Dynasty
This would be a pretty elite list, focusing one relentless blocks of nasty infantry with only a few outriders or fast moving units and few transports.
Colour scheme would be very dark, with large areas of black granite type texture, and red glowing weapons.

Option 3: Heretic Astartes. The Grey Death
No idea as yet exactly how I would build the army, except the background is that of a corrupted loyalist chapter. I love the aspiring champion model from the crimson slaughter starter set so would probably look to use that as the basis for the army's look. I've always liked the Night Lords background too so would probably look to blend those together, with a bit of Slaanesh thrown in.
Colour scheme would (of course) be grey, but I'd probably look for it to be Slaanesh Grey, and therefore have a sickly purple tinge to it, adding in some pale brass colours for the metals.

Option 4: Drukhari. The Burning Eye
Recreating my old Kabal, but with variant colour scheme. I think it would be a combined arms type approach to the army, probably looking this time to exploit my favoured method of painting red, moving away from its last incarnation in purple. I'm not much of a fan of the haemonculi so would probably look to keep these out of the list entirely at present.

Option 5: Tyranids. Hive Fleet Echidna
I'd probably look for my hive fleet to focus very much on the combat elements of Tyranids, I've always seen them as swarms of creatures around a few larger bugs than the Nidzilla type lists you sometimes see, though I'd certainly need to include some of the bigger creatures to keep things balanced.
Colour scheme would be a bit 'out there' as some Nids schemes can be. The particular one I have my eyes on is based around a lizard I found a picture of and would combine turquoise and orange elements to the models, incorporating some kind of funky patterning on the chitin.

There are a few other projects I'm keeping back from this poll, mainly because they're either too in depth at this stage or because I want to save them for a later date. (It's actually not a poll since google stopped that happening, grrr, please just post your choice in the comments below instead).

That's all I've got for you now, time to hand it over to you and your votes!

Monday, 24 September 2018

The Chastened Warrior

The enemy warriors broke into a run, slight figures swathed in shadow flitting from building to building. Blaze waited, his hand gripping the haft of Sanguine Judgement, its null-field glowing a dull red around the runes etched into the blade. He carried no ranged weapons, the halberd held confidently in one hand whilst in his other he carried Angel’s Wing, a storm shield crafted to resemble its namesake. All he could do was wait for the enemy to close the distance, if he revealed his presence too early then he risked them falling back into the shadows away from the fight.

Rage of the Burning Eye

Morning all, now I don’t normally succumb to nerd rage, because this hobby is most of all about each of us and how we perceive the narrative presented to us. I know there was a lot of angst generated when GW changed faction names in their publications to ensure copyright integrity (Eldar-Aeldari etc) but I maintained my chilled out, calm exterior and now switch between the old and new names with no real distinction.

Tuesday, 4 September 2018

Hobby update - T'au commission work (with OSL)

Hi all,
just a quick painting update this time, I've been hard at work on a T'au commission most recently. It's an unusual one in that the commissioner has asked for me to just do the baseline work for them rather than working the models up to a finished standard so that they can spend their time weathering and adding finishing touches. It kinda feels a bit weird to be painting something to 'only' this level with no edge highlights etc, but as someone that enjoys painting I can certainly see the appeal in someone else doing the boring slow bits and only doing the finishing touches myself!