Tuesday, 4 September 2018

Hobby update - T'au commission work (with OSL)

Hi all,
just a quick painting update this time, I've been hard at work on a T'au commission most recently. It's an unusual one in that the commissioner has asked for me to just do the baseline work for them rather than working the models up to a finished standard so that they can spend their time weathering and adding finishing touches. It kinda feels a bit weird to be painting something to 'only' this level with no edge highlights etc, but as someone that enjoys painting I can certainly see the appeal in someone else doing the boring slow bits and only doing the finishing touches myself!

The basic scheme is very dark, lots of dark grey with mainly just some object source lighting to provide an eerie look to the models. this is coming in two flavours, one red/orange to energy elements and one in blue to marker lights and lenses etc. These should provide a really nice contrast on the model as well and avoid them looking too plain when they're done.

Here's the pics so far!

There's plenty more of this commission to come, there's over 40 infantry plus suits, tanks etc so I hope you like the scheme as it's likely to be all I'm posting for a while, interspersed with a few pics of my Deathwatch Kill Team (for which I'm still experimenting to get a scheme I'm happy with).

Till next time!

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