Saturday, 6 October 2018

It's time...

Hi people!

First of all can I just say a really big thank you to anyone who took part in my recent poll to help me decide which army to collect next, I'm really grateful for your input!

As is traditional for these sort of things, let's run down the results in reverse order shall we?

In fifth place, with 20 total votes - Drukhari! I'm sure I'll get to these guys again one day, but as a certain chap going by the name of Strider once said, this is not that day!

So in fourth place - Necrons! Bit of an odd one this, since almost all the votes for Necrons came from Google+. Still, I can collect these vicariously since a mate is doing a very similar paint scheme to the one I had in mind. 30 votes

Third place - Heretic Astartes. I'll admit to being slightly disappointed by this one, as when I put the vote up I was quite keen on the idea. Again, I may very well do these in the future because I think the scheme I had in mind should look pretty cool. 32 votes

Second place - Tyranids. I've started collecting Nids once before, but my painting skills weren't up to the challenge at that point and it was back in the day of the heavy metal hive tyrant that took a gallon of superglue to stick together. 42 votes

First place - don't bother with the drumroll, if you have read this far then chances are you'll already know that the other army I was considering was Orks! Not a huge surprise given the imminence of the new Ork codex and the general excitement relating to them at the moment. 62 votes.

So, when do I get the codex? Well, it's not quite that simple you see, because as the votes were coming in I found myself getting excited whenever one particular option gained more support, and it wasn't the Orks. Added to that, when I thought about it, there are already 4 Ork players in my local gaming group, which after Chaos Marines is easily the largest single faction represented. So one down then, four possibilities remain.

Next one out was the Necrons, as I mentioned, one of my closest mates is just starting an army of them and our ideas for colour schemes are very similar. 3 left.

Did you get the other hint? Yup, there are more Chaos players at my club than any other faction. As much as I like the army and really like the background I was working on for the Grey Death, some extra variety at the club is always welcome.

2 left. Drukhari and Tyranids. Both only have a single player in my gaming group. I've always wanted a red army and fiery red Drukhari would look really cool. On the flipside, I've never had a proper Nid army like I did with the Kabal of the Burning Eye. For some reason, every time I saw the Nid counter tick up one I got a bit more excited, so I started thinking about colour schemes and I had a dig around in my bits box to see if I'd still got any Tyranid bits somewhere. I found a few and came up with this...

Not bad for a first effort? I like it, so much so that I'm sold on the idea!

Soon the first Tendrils of Hive Fleet Echidna will be felt within the Imperium, as the Mother of All Beasts makes her presence known!

Till next time,

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