Sunday, 16 December 2018

Swords of Dawn - building a history

Greetings all! Long time away from the blogs again, I've got a host of stuff on the cards coming though, both hobby and blog related stuff! Hope you enjoy.

First up today, I've got some fluff for you - in this current realm of chapter approved and FAQ's tweaking the balance of the game to make things as balanced for competitive play as they can be I find myself rebelling somewhat and wanting to play more narrative style games, creating cool moments and events rather than finding that extra 1% (who am I kidding, 10% is the minimum I'd need to start competing!) in the rules to help me hold my own in more competitive games. It's no surprise either that this changed approach follows on from me signing up to and watching their more narrative approach to gaming, designing their own missions and playing in a narrative style (a particular highlight was watching a pair of Ork Generals squabbling amongst themselves and getting in each other's way on the tabletop on purpose whilst ostensibly joining forces to battle the Death Guard 'End of All Things').