Tuesday, 21 January 2020

Seven days of hobby - Week 3

 Greetings all! 

Well well well, onto week 3 of the new year already are we? I should probably start keeping a track of just how much I've done and how far along the painting train I'm getting!

Still, it's been a relatively productive week even though time seems to have flown by!

I've started creating a spreadsheet to keep a track of just how much of my current marine backlog I'm getting through! But in the meantime, until it's in a form that I can actually show on the blog (it's a big spreadsheet!) I'm going to have to make do with update photos.

The first five of the new Infiltrators done ready for weathering and transfers, the two sergeants are to be split between this and my new squad.

On Thursday I teamed up with some Salamanders at my club to take on Grey Knights and Astra Militarum. The enemy had a quick start to the custom mission, but ruthless target priority from our team saw them put to the sword in the end. 

I picked up a nice new addition to the force too!

I then spent a couple of nights putting the new tank together - there's a lot of pieces!

I've magnetised the main gun, but I do need some green stuff to fix the magnets in place - should be here next week

Aaaaand when the current Infiltrators are done - there's another ten waiting! Aargh!

It's coming on nicely. A few gaps to fill though!

And of course not to get too focused on one thing, I've also got four more Human Bloodbowl players to finish before February and the start of the new MaD League!

But I did get Infiltrator number 6 (well, 16, but 6 of this year) ready for weathering

So that's progress done for this week - I'm still hoping to get a breakdown of my current 2k list written for you, to show you how I went about putting it together and what plans I have for how to use it.

Till next time,
Triple D


  1. Great job, they look super cool. And the Executioner is a cool looking Repulsor, I think it’s the ‘battle tank’ looking wide low turret.

    1. Yeah it’s a shame the rest of the chassis is still so classically GW tall, if they’d flattened it a bit more and flared it out like the Astraeus it would be really stunning

  2. Looking good mate :-) The Repulsor Executioner is really growing on me, especially the plasma variant! I'm a sucker for plasma weapons...

    1. As you should be you dubious heretic you!
      I'll be honest, I'm not a fan of the Macro Plasma, but I have wondered how much fun it would be to run a list with that, my plasma redemptor, 6 plasma inceptors and a full squad of hellblasters. I don't think many units would get armour saves against me!