Welcome - due to various factors (namely a combination of generating income and trying new things) The Burning Eye is now available for commission work.

I don't undertake this as a business nor is it full-time, but if you'd like some models painting via commission, then please get in touch with me at

At the moment I have slots for 3 modest projects to work on - if your project is bigger then I may be able to accommodate you - please contact me using the details above or check back later to see if there's a slot available.

Slot 1 - almost free
Slot 2 - free
Slot 3 - free

Waiting list:

If all slots are taken - please email me to see when I will be available for more work.

Price structure (for indicative purposes only - enquiries will be given a specific quote based on the models, complexity of the scheme required etc). Prices include simple basing (sand and 3-colour drybrush).

Infantry £3-4 (25-32mm or equivalent base size)
Elite infantry £4-5 (40mm base size)

Character models £5-10 - these will receive a more detailed
paint job than standard infantry to reflect them being a
focal point of the army.

Walkers/Monstrous Creatures £ 8-15 (dreadnought/sentinel/daemon prince equivalent)

Small vehicles £10-15 (rhino equivalent)
Medium vehicles £15-20 (leman russ equivalent)
Large vehicles £20-25 (land raider equivalent)

Lords of War £quote only (superheavies, gargantuans etc)

Here are some images of my previous commission work, along with comments from the client.

The Rhino on the left was provided as a template to work to, along with a
paint scheme to follow
This Space Wolf squad was undertaken at the same time as the Rhino above,
again using a scheme to the client's specification. The client requested the bases
were left unpainted so he could do them himself
After regular updates when he started on the job, I received the squad mid Jan and I am very happy with what he has done for me. He followed my specifications very well, and the models he has done fit seamlessly into the rest of my force.
I am happy to say that I am really pleased with the whole commissioning service Nick offered. He was very willing to paint to a recipe and method that I had specified... I have another squad and rhino winging their way to him soon, which is testament to how well he did for me.
These screamers of Tzeentch came to me basecoated in blue, with a brief of a more typical tzeentch colour scheme. I decided to try and use some interesting patterning combined with the tzeentch colours to get something striking, whilst not being too garish and drifting into the realms of slaanesh. I think I managed a pretty decent result, and the client is certainly very happy with the results!

My second Tzeentch commission was for Siph Horridus from the Weemen blog - I went' with my gut on these guys having been given the all clear to work on a non-traditional scheme.

And here are some pictures of my non-commission models to give you some idea of what can be achieved if you let my mind run free!
These Iron Fists landspeeders are in a striking colour scheme,
albeit painted several years ago

This land speeder is a recently completed model, with the army having
a strong focus on hazard stripes

The same army as above, but this time a scout outrider, displaying
a particularly dusty paint scheme and a reversed chapter symbol

Eidolon isn't quite finished, but it's mainly the base details that
need more work, so I had to include him.

Pedro Kantor exhibits the detailed paint work appropriate
to his standing as chapter master!

This terminator captain also displays an affinity for hazard stripes,
alongside a vibrant spot colour on the model itself.

Epistolary Valerio shows off his flaming cape and
weathered armour

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