Welcome - due to various factors (namely a combination of generating income and trying new things) The Burning Eye is now available for commission work.

I don't undertake this as a business nor is it full-time, but if you'd like some models painting via commission, then please get in touch with me at

At the moment I have slots for 3 modest projects to work on - if your project is bigger then I may be able to accommodate you - please contact me using the details above or check back later to see if there's a slot available.

Slot 1 - taken
Slot 2 - taken
Slot 3 - available

Here are some images of my previous commission work, along with comments from the client.

The Rhino on the left was provided as a template to work to, along with a
paint scheme to follow
This Space Wolf squad was undertaken at the same time as the Rhino above,
again using a scheme to the client's specification
And here are some pictures of my non-commission models to give you some idea of what can be achieved if you let my mind run free!
These Iron Fists landspeeders are in a striking colour scheme,
albeit painted several years ago

This land speeder is a recently completed model, with the army having
a strong focus on hazard stripes

The same army as above, but this time a scout outrider, displaying
a particularly dusty paint scheme and a reversed chapter symbol

Eidolon isn't quite finished, but it's mainly the base details that
need more work, so I had to include him.

Pedro Kantor exhibits the detailed paint work appropriate
to his standing as chapter master!

The recent terminator captain also displays the affinity for hazard stripes,
alongside a vibrant spot colour on the model itself.

Epistolary Valerio shows off his flaming cape and
weathered armour