Dusk Knights Gallery

I thought I'd do something cool and funky with this page, so below please find character portraits and pictures of my Dusk Knights - I'm planning on building their background into something more detailed than I have ever tried before, and yes, this links through into the Grim Dark Brotherhood project!

Chapter Master Regulo

Saul Regulo holds the distinction of not only being the first man appointed as Chapter Master of the Dusk Knights, his predecessor having been a former Marshal of the Black Templars, but also the youngest space marine to rise to such a rank in the Black Templars history, after only a dozen decades of service.

Regulo has led the Dusk Knights to glorious victories in the Vectris system, repelling a significant Tau invasion force, and has also cleansed the piratical Dark Eldar from the hell stars of the Caron Nebula surrounding Yarant.

His greatest triumph however is the continued control of the Decius system within which St Olav's fall is situated, defending it from the constant predations of the Ork menace. Some might say in fact, that the divine guidance of the Emperor brought St Olav to that place, resulting in the founding of his shrine by Marshall Haakon and the resultant establishment of the Dusk Knights on the planet, returning the system to permanent Imperial Control.

Regulo is a Chapter Master who refuses to be bound by the confines of his rank, and is regularly seen amongst his brother warriors, leading from the front and laying waste to the enemies of mankind with the blunt strength of his power fist.

Captain Alvaro

Captain Alvaro is the Captain of the 4th Battle Company of the Dusk Knights, the so-called ‘Hazard’ Company.

Alvaro began his life in the Dusk Knights as a devastator marine from the 9th Company, selected for promotion to a battle company after only a few dozen years service. His favoured heavy weapon during those years was his ancient multi-melta, and even now he is frequently seen in battle carrying a modified combi-weapon bearing a short-ranged melta weapon.

His most distinctive accoutrement however is his venerable suit of Cataphractii pattern terminator armour, it’s heavy plates and overlapping energy fields boosted by the master-crafted storm shield he carries into battle. Alvaro’s view is that battles are won and lost by the precise application of firepower, and to that end, he often accompanies a devastator squad on the battlefield, ensuring that their weapons are targeted on the right targets at the right time, and using his own considerable defensive protection measures to shield them from incoming fire.

The Conclave

The Dusk Knights Conclave of Librarians represent the masters of the librarius, and are called to battle by the individual Captains, with a number of psykers dispatched to conflicts based on the threat assessment undertaken by the senior officer present and following consultation with the Emperor's Tarot.

Epistolary Valerio

Foremost among the battle representatives of the Librarius is Epistolary Valerio, his fiery temperament betraying his particular specialism in the field of the psychic arts. Valerio is a pyromancer of the highest order, and he wields the flame as though it were an extension of his own self, projecting white hot anger out onto the battlefield.

Away from the battlefield, Valerio is a grim, taciturn individual, who speaks rarely but to counsel the most aggressive course of action in any given situation. His tactical awareness is hampered by this nature, but his talents as a psyker make him an asset regardless.

Regulo requested his appointment to the conclave on the basis of his considerable battlefield abilities, and in the hopes that his more extreme aggressive tendencies would be tempered by the personalities of his conclave brothers.

Epistolary Guiomar

Guiomar is a gregarious character, unusually so for a member of the Chapter's Librarius, whose individuals are normally dour and solemn.

He is a comparatively young marine, not yet having seen his hundredth year, however his easy manner and natural ability have seen him rise rapidly through the ranks of the Dusk Knights. His particular talents lie in the field of fulmination and the manipulation of electrical charge.

He has rapidly become indispensable to Chapter Master Regulo, and his sharp wit and engaging manner endear him to all those who have dealings with the Chapter. Regulo is an efficient leader, but in combination with Guiomar the Dusk Knights are not only effective on the battlefield, but thanks to Guiomar are also approachable and well respected amongst other Imperial organisations that have dealings with them.

Ildefonso is typical of a space marine of the Dusk Knights Librarius, grim, taciturn and serious, he often clashes with the more outgoing Guiomar who he sees as concerning himself more with being the centre of attention than tending to his duties as a Librarian. This does not prevent them from forming a formidable partnership on the battlefield however, where their fighting styles and psychic abilities fall into perfect harmony.

Ildefonso was recruited from the mountain tribes of St Olav's Fall, where he had developed such a kinship with the terrain and the creatures that dwelt there that when he came to present himself to the Chapter as an aspirant, he brought with him a tame Glorm, creatures previously thought by the Chapter's scholars to be untameable. Ildefonso remains the only person to have ever successfully tamed one of the creatures, however they are short lived, and his duties have prevented him from exploring this ability any further. 

Ildefonso is a master manipulator of all things earthly, his upbringing in the mountains giving him an affinity with the land that few can match, and on occasions he has even been known to rip huge sections of rock from a mountainside with just the power of his mind, hurling it at his foes and buying time for his comrades to regroup.

Sergeant Reyes, Squad Primus

Sergeant Reyes is Captain Alvaro's dependable right hand. Stubborn in defence and unstoppable in attack, his knowledge of battlecraft in unsurpassed even by his Captain. Reyes is best known for his mastery of defensive lines however, employing feints and pinpoint strikes in a manner more akin to an attacking force than those manning a defensive position.

His master stroke in this regard came during the initial defence of Hormung Prime in 034.M42, whereby his cunningly wrought defensive line blunted the initial strike of the invading forces, before apparently crumbling, drawing the supporting forces onwards, anticipating an easy victory. The first line was a trap however, and as the invaders advanced, Reyes triggered the explosives worked into the defensive fortifications. The charges had been planted in a very specific fashion, and threw up such a large volume of earth into a secondary barricade that the Dusk Knights and their allied brothers from the White Scars, Judicators and Blood Angels had ample time to butcher the cut-off advancing troops before their support could reach them.