Primaris Unit Reviews

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Welcome to my detailed review of the Primaris units within the Space Marine codex. I’m very much hoping for this to be a ‘living’ document for want of a better term, and so as FAQ’s etc are released I’ll update this, and any comments or insight that you guys can provide will most certainly be added to the review.


Primaris Captain in Gravis Armour

I’ve tried several times over the years to define a method for assessing units, and my latest iteration of that will take an appropriately legendary 40k approach, which I’m calling the MARBO method.


This section will cover all the mobility stats and options available to a particular unit, assessing whether it’s a strength or weakness of the model, what can be done to mitigate any weaknesses or enhance its strengths.


Kind of self-explanatory, but equally, I’ll try to look a little beyond the obvious to understand how those auras can be stretched, where they are most effective and how best to utilise them on the battlefield. Auras I have found are one of those areas that has far more depth within 8th edition than many people at first thought, and both their wording and their interaction with the rules can have significant consequences in a game situation.


This is probably the simplest, most obvious part of the unit review - a simple assessment of the weapons and wargear the unit has access to. Primaris units tend to have less flexibility in this respect than their mini-marine predecessors so their roles are a bit easier to understand and define, though their utilisation on the battlefield becomes more specialised and tactical as a result.


Some units are able to take different wargear or equipment that buffs them in a variety of ways, particularly characters, and there are items of equipment and wargear for most datasheets that is worth investigating in that regard to better understand its use. I’ll also look at the use of relics in this section as they generally fall within the buffs genre.


Anything that doesn’t fit within any of the other sections (and I needed something beginning with O to make the acronym work) I’ll cover stuff like stratagems in this section too, where they affect the unit in question or can be used by them.

Hopefully by taking a consistent approach to a review of each unit within the book, I can make sure that rather than just telling you what each unit does, I’m giving you more of an idea of how to use the unit and how it plugs into a wider Primaris force.

In the future if the posts are well received I may even look to expand the series into other codices as well, but let’s not get too far ahead of myself just yet!

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