Swords of Dawn

Swords of Dawn

The Swords of Dawn are a newly founded chapter of Primaris Marines, created during the Ultima Founding to reinforce the defences around the world of Khazant near Jericho's Reach, on the coreward side of the Cicatrix Maledictum.

Claiming the noble Lord Corax of the Raven Guard as their genetic primogenitor, the Swords of Dawn nonetheless follow proud martial traditions, venerating the blade as a symbol of the power of humanity and its right to dominate the galaxy.

Consequently, the chapter organisation is closely linked to the blade in its various forms, with each company favouring a particular fighting style derived from ancient sword-forms. Some companies therefore favour a fluid fighting style, slipping around the enemy guard to strike a piercing blow to its heart, whilst others favour a more brutal approach, cleaving all before them in a single devastating strike.

Deriving from the chapter name, its iconography depicts a stylised eagle rising to the sky in the morning sun.

The Chapter broadly follows standard codex organisation, with the companies arranged and titled as follows:

1st Company: Broadsword Company
2nd Company: Katana Company
3rd Company: Rapier Company
4th Company: Scimitar Company
5th Company: Sabre Company
6th Company: Spatha Company
7th Company: Cutlass Company
8th Company: Talwar Company
9th Company:Machete Company
10th Company: Kukri Company

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