Friday, 22 February 2013

As the dust settles

Hi all,

Played two games last night, a 1500 game against chaos, and a 500 against an imperial guard gunline that has so far swept all before it.

First game then was diagonal deployment, purge the alien. I took my raven guard and had a chapter master, chaplain, two full tactical squads with flamers, seven scouts with sniper rifles, full assault squad with plasma pistols, supported by five devastators (two lascannons and two missile launchers) and a land raider.

Chaos consisted of abaddon, a chaos lord with five terminators, ten thousand sons, two squads of chaos marines, one obliterator and the obligatory heldrake (learn to fear it people!)

First turn started well, as I called down an orbital strike slap bang on target, hitting four ordinary marines and five sons. Three marines died, the sons all passed their invulnerable saves. Devastators took out a couple from the second marine squad. Nothing much happened in return.

Turn two and my chaplain arrived with the assault marines to threaten the second chaos squad and I managed to knock out three of the sons. My tactical squads disembarked from their transports and one charged into the first marine squad (better that than get shot by the sons next turn!) scouts were still out of range of anything. Chaos turn two and everything arrived bar the heldrake. The obliterator missed with its plasma cannon shot, and the combat between the two marine squads began, I think it was one casualty per side.

Turn three and the land raider let fly at abaddon. two wounds down, just two more to go. Scouts failed to do any damage to the terminators, but there were no better targets in range. My chaplain and the assault marines charged the second marine squad, wiping them out and consolidating towards the combat between the first chaos marine squad and my tacticals. Chaos turn the heldrake showed up and killed seven of the assault marines, abaddon immobilised the land raider and the obliterator charged into the combat with the tactical marines and started laying about with its power fist. He reliably killed one marine per turn.

Turn four and the scouts still couldn't penetrate the terminator armour (I was really struggling to even hit them at this point). Chaplain and the remaining assault marines charged into the combat but failed to kill the last chaos marine from the first squad. Land raider took another would off abaddon, but the devastators failed to do any damage to the terminators. In the chaos turn the heldrake turned its attention to my second tactical squad, leaving just the one alive (with a flamer) and the last marine from the first tactical squad died to the obliterator.

Turn five went in parts well and in parts appalling. The land raider took abaddons final wound, and the devastators (well, one of them) rolled three sixes in a row to destroy the heldrake. Sadly it missed the terminators when it crashed and burned. The remaining tactical marine and the scouts managed to wipe out five terminators between them leaving just The Lord alive. Unfortunately the chaplain and remaining assault marine couldn't finish off the last chaos marine between them, and died in return, leaving the chaos forces to consolidate. The chaos response was to wreck the land raider, and the chaos lord killed the flamer tactical marine. The game ended in a draw. Not bad but if dice had gone a little better I feel I could have pulled off a win, indeed it was only in the last turn that my opponent got back to level pegging from about three victory points down.

The second game was quicker, I took two five man tactical squads, five sniper scouts, five assault marines and the chaplain. My opponent packed out infantry squads with plasma guns, autocannon and grenade launchers (and an aegis line). I was left with no real choice but to aim headlong. Chaplain and three marines were in charge range, but then the objective their target was sitting on halved it. Charge failed and they got wiped next turn. Marbo turned up and tried his best to commit suicide by throwing his demolition charge onto his own head, though cover saved him, and that was it really, my marines fell to the massed las gun fire without getting in close enough to do much damage.

I have managed to raise some funds from selling a few old models though, so look out for an update on my value project when I've decided what to get!