Friday, 1 March 2013

Cobra Guard vs Chaos 2000 pts

I played a 2000 point game last night with my cobra guard, against a combined Night Lords / Death Guard Chaos army. We rolled purge the alien for the mission, which put me at rather a disadvantage as I’d already stated I was going to combat squad my tactical marines, I got +1 to my charge ranges as my warlord trait. My list looked something like this

Chapter Master in Terminator Armour, with storm bolter and power sword.
Epistolary in Terminator Armour, with storm bolter and power spear.

2x5 Tactical Terminators, 1 Assault Cannon, 1 Cyclone launcher
Venerable Dreadnought, assault cannon.

10 Tactical Marines, Plasma Cannon, Plasma Gun, Sergeant combi-plasma, Razorback with H Bolters
10 Tactical Marines, Multi-melta, Meltagun, Sergeant Combi-melta, Razorback with H Bolters
10 Scouts, 9 Sniper Rifles and 1 Missile Launcher

Fast Attack
10 Assault Marines
5 Assault Marines

Heavy Support

I don’t have the Chaos list, but from what I remember it looked a bit like this.

Typhus with 5 plague terminators
Night Lords Chaos Lord with 9 chaos marines
5 Night lords terminators
10 Plague Marines
20 cultists
A mob of zombies (no idea how many were there)
Chaos spawn
3 Obliterators

You’ll probably notice from the off that I’ve got very little to counter the Heldrake. I did seriously consider taking a bastion with an icarus lascannon on it, but plumped for the vindicator at the last minute thinking that it would have more options for targets. Kinda regretted that when I saw the heldrake come out as I’d been burned (quite literally) by one in my last game taking down almost two full tactical squads on its own before I shot its backside with a lascannon (they don’t like it up ‘em!).

Chaos deployed first and I failed to steal the initiative, the majority of their units heading straight for my lines. The spawn (Little Miss Pinchy) took cover behind the defiler (Mr Pinchy) and the Rhinos popped smoke. Only the zombies stayed put, presumably trying to stay out of view in the hope that I’d forget about them. The defiler and the obliterators shot at the vindicator, wrecking it (sob!) and the plague terminators managed to kill a couple of sniper scouts.

My first turn and everything stayed put. The chapter master’s orbital bombardment, aimed at the plague terminators and typhus, crashed down on the obliterators instead, killing one, and the scouts took down a second with their rending hits. Nothing in range to assault to my turn 1 ended quite quickly.

Chaos turn 2 and the Heldrake arrived – damn, I was hoping it might stay off the board for a while longer. Fortunately my units were just far enough away for it not to vector strike, though it was poised to bring down the hurt on two of my tactical combat squads. The rhinos surged forward again, though the night lords driver must have got overzealous, as he skidded to a halt immediately adjacent to a building, blocking egress from one of the doors. The defilers battle cannon spoke, killing my plasma cannon marine and two other from the same squad, though they held firm. In the shooting phase the plague terminators killed another scout, and as predicted the heldrake made a mess of my tactical marines, wiping out a whole combat squad.

My second turn and the time to strike had arrived, so everything moved forward to engage the enemy. My deepstriking assault marines arrived, and landed in the chaos deployment zone, ready to head over to take out the zombies in the corner (I know, overkill much? Never mind, it would be a kill point and the stabby boys would be safe from Chaos retaliation that far out). My Librarian’s terminator squad surrounded the Night Lords Rhino, and the Chapter Master’s squad attempted the same with the plague marines, though without the same effect. Importantly, my melta combat squad (multi-melta, meltagun, combi-melta) deployed from their razorback. The scouts had another good turn, killing two plague terminators, and in a display of high quality marksmanship the melta squad blew the heldrake out of the sky (who needs skyfire anyway?) In the assault phase, the two terminator squads charged the respective rhinos, the librarian’s bodyguard blowing theirs up, killing six by virtue of them not being able to deploy more than 1” from my units, and the warlord’s squad made a similar mess of the plague marines rhino. The champion in that squad had managed to gain a 2+ armour save, so bravely took the wounds caused by the explosion. Oops, he failed his first attempt, and died along with a second member of the squad.

Chaos turn 3, the spawn moved over to charge the melta squad, taking a wound to overwatch and getting squished without the chance to fight back during the combat. The obliterators immobilised a razorback, the defiler killed an assault marine with a wayward battle cannon shell, and the plague marines failed to damage the chapter master’s terminators despite having two meltaguns in the squad. The librarian neutered Typhus’ attempts to use plague wind, but the cultists charged my small assault squad, managing to kill two.
In my third turn, the assault marines got themselves within charge range of the zombies (and because they were off in the corner out of the way, I forgot to charge with them!) Too focussed on having killed the chaos spawn, the melta squad’s aim was obviously off, failing to do any damage to the defiler. The librarian’s squad flexed its muscles, beating the remaining Night Lords and cultists in combat, catching and destroying them (with a little help from the 1 remaining assault marine). The Chapter master’s squad similarly left none of the plague marines alive, though shooting had whittled down their number prior to the charge.

Chaos turn 4, and the defiler set itself up to charge the melta squad, whilst Typhus made for the librarian and his terminator bodyguard (eek!). The Night Lords terminators suffered a deep strike mishap, apparently being delayed by some teleporter issue. The defiler flamed three of the melta combat squad, before charging in and killing the remaining two. Typhus and his terminators made short work of the Librarian and his bodyguard. The zombies took the plunge and charged the assault marines (better to charge than be charged eh? Erm, no, 7 dead(er) zombies for no casualties in return).

My turn 4, and things were getting worryingly tight, by this point the score had swung one way then another and back again, leaving me only a point or so in front. I needed to make some breathing space, and to that end, the warlord and his terminators charged the defiler, but failed to do any lasting damage (he passed three of four saves or the penetrating hits i scored). The assault marines just failed to wipe out the zombies, leaving one alive for no casualties again, but as they are fearless, the remaining model stayed in the fight.

Chaos turn 5 and the Night Lords terminators really did arrive this time, blasting the rear armour of the immobilised razorback and destroying it. The plague terminators charged the venerable dreadnought, but failed to penetrate its armour. The assault marines killed the final zombie (the chaos warlord graciously conceding that he'd die without us having to prove it by actually rolling dice). The defiler made a surge, killing three terminators, leaving just one and the warlord (who couldn't hurt it) in the combat.

My turn 5 and (as it turned out) the final turn of the game. Killpoints tied at 9-9. The assault marines were out of the game, unable to reach anything, the remaining scouts shot at the single obliterator, but only managed a single wound. The venerable dreadnought failed to finish off the plague terminators, who again failed to damage it in return. One chance left to snatch a victory, and it laid with one single terminator. The dice rolled, one penetrating hit that the defiler faile to save, and the damage table roll landed on a 5. The power fist is AP2 however so the result became a 6, blowing up the defiler and gaining me the final kill point i needed to go ahead. With that, we rolled to see if the game ended and it came up as a 2. Victory for the Space Marines, FOR THE EMPEROR!