Friday, 1 March 2013

The value project - week 1

Hi all, so it's a week since my last post on this subject, how have I been getting on in the meantime?
Just a brief recap, the intention of the project is to capture just how many hours it takes to paint up an army to your best standard, and therefore get some idea of the value I get from the miniatures I buy before they even get on the tabletop.

There are several elements to this project, comprising the various stages of preparing a miniature for war.
1. Preparation - this covers cleaning sprues, removing mould lines, and assembly of the figures themselves.
2. Conversion - simple really, the project is intended to be very personal to me, so there will be plenty of conversion work to get the models how I want them to look. This will include any weapon swaps etc.
3. Painting - the nitty gritty part. The painting will be the very best I can produce, and will incorporate several layers of highlights I wouldn't normally bother with.
4. Background. Not exactly directly related to the cost of the miniatures, but I don't like using models in a game if they haven't got (at the very least) a name, I much prefer to know the background of what I'm using, because that way I know what is fluffy, and how I want to play games with them. Yes, that means my tactics change depending on what army I'm using, not just the army composition.

Without further ado then, what have I managed this week?
1. Preparation - none, I have no new models at present, though hopefully some shiny new plastics are not far off (pesky PayPal can take ages to clear sometimes!)
2. Conversions - 65 minutes. 15 on my sternguard weapon conversions, and 50 minutes on some assault marines.

3. Painting - 3 hours and 5 minutes. Realistically you could add twenty minutes to this as the model I'm working on was already base coated before I started the project. Here are some piccies of what I've got done so far.

4. Background - 1 hour and 40 minutes. This has been within my lunch breaks at work when I can't really get any painting done. I've researched some of the history of the region I want to base my chapter in, coming up with names for all the figures to be included, and some detail of their home world, genetic heritage and style of war. It's still in very rough draft at the moment, but I'll post it up when I get it refined.

That's it for now then folks, till next time, keep fighting, and keep winning, for the Emperor and the glory of the Imperium!