Monday, 30 September 2013

Iron fists: taking shape

So, welcome minions one and all to the first of my regular painting and construction updates. These will hopefully be on Monday evenings (uk time) and should help me keep my painting on track as I put together three marine and one dark eldar armies.
Storm talon: Raijin

Well the basic build for this is complete, and as you can see the paint job is progressing well too, in fact it's almost complete with just a few tweaks to apply. I'm really pleased with how the chapter icon came out given it was my first freehand attempt at it. I think this beast may be making a guest appearance in my cobra guard list next time they take to the table as its an old army with no air support.

Captain Sakai
Ever noticed that GW don't make many special looking chainswords? I hadn't until now so this is my very own attempt, consisting of two chopped up an stuck together to make something that looks like its very heavy and intended for cutting at things from the back of a bike. I've used the black Templars upgrade chainsword so it's bolted round sakai's wrist too. His body combines the raven wing legs for the billowing cloak with a cloaked torso and head from the Templar kit, and I've magnetised a shield for his other arm. I'm using the combat shield piece but will paint an energy field effect so it counts as a storm shield for the 3+ save.

Apothecary Usui
Similar to captain Sakai, Usui uses the raven wing legs and a cloaked torso, but where sakai's will be red, usui's cloak will be white over the blue armour. I've used a power sword from my bits box and the raven wing tech marine head as its got a nice armour detail and a cybernetic lens attached to the side of the helmet.

I've also completed building the remaining four members of the command squad, including a standard bearer using the 25th anniversary limited ed crimson fists standard with a few tweaks, two power axe wielding marines and one with a power sword.

Painting started on Sakai last night, and I hope to have completed the majority of him by the end of the week.