Monday, 7 October 2013

Iron fists: air support

Hi all, today is the first of my Modelling Monday posts, which will hopefully be a weekly event that you look forward to.

So what have I been up to this week? Well I have mainly been working on my Iron Fists, focussing on the storm talon and captain models.

Here's the full command squad to go with captain Sakai

And the man himself, coming on nicely with not too much left to do, I will be modelling and painting the base, but wanted to get the main model finished first.

Here's the Storm Talon in all its glory, finished with just the base to paint.

And here's the armoured support, first a Whirlwind.

And then a land raider, which will eventually become a transport for some assault centurions.

Next week will see captain Sakai finished hopefully, and the base for the Storm Talon well on the way if not done. As a priority though I'll be finding some time to get my Yhetee finished for the Asgard's Wrath, having won enough in my last game to finally afford it.