Wednesday, 2 October 2013

M.A.D League Bloodbowl update

Greetings all, this is the first of my irregular posts about the progress of the bloodbowl league I'm commissioning at my local club (MAD Wargames).

So far we've had seven games played and I'm pleased to say that things are working out well, casualties are high, strange plays are commonplace, and the crowd is getting involved!

Here's a brief run down of the games so far, head over to The Eternal Wargamer for a more in depth look at the Egdenberg Undertakers matches.

Match 1. Egdenberg Undertakers (undead) v Asgard's Wrath (Norse)

Two experienced coaches pretty much nullified each other here, it finished one touchdown apiece and one casualty on each side. A Norse thrower was killed and a skeleton suffered a smashed hip.

Match 2. Underworld misfits (underworld) v fester city Poxes (nurgle)
2-0 to nurgle, this game was most memorable for the pouring rain that stopped the misfits from picking the ball up at all, and one of their goblins putting a nurgle warrior in the casualty bin, though he suffered no long term effects.

Match 3. Ugly gitz (Orc) v lions of the three rings (high elf)
Carnage, absolute carnage. The high elves were leading 2-0, but casualties mounted and mid way through the second half they were unable to field the minimum number of players at the start if a drive. As such, the game counted as a 2-0 to the ugly gitz, with several elf team members dying.

Match 4. Egdenberg Undertakers v ugly gitz
Largely a one-sided affair, this match ended in a 3-0 victory for the undead. Much scrapping occurred on the line of scrimmage, with the undead's regeneration rule proving the deciding factor. Once again, one of their mummies killed an opponent, this time a black Orc. 

Match 5. Asgard's wrath v ugly gitz
Suffering rather from the match against the undead, the gitz brought in a journeyman to fill out their roster, but it didn't prove to be enough an the wrath pulled off a 2-1 victory. For the third game in a row, the gitz had a player killed on the field of play (though on this occasion it was the crowd that did the killing). One bright moment however was when the Norse attempted a risky throw down the wing near a crowd of players and after much bobbling around, the orcs managed to smuggle the ball to their black Orc, who managed to stretch his legs jut enough to reach the end zone before the defenders.

Match 6. Egdenberg Undertakers v fester city Poxes
2-1 to the undead, and the undead mummy has now killed three players (I wouldn't be at all surprised if this guys ends up with a price on his head). This time though it was the great green arkleseizure, a beast of nurgle that bit the dust. With the score at 1-1, the Poxes looked all set for the winning touchdown, but a last minute block saw the ball bounce into the crowd, who flung it to the other end of the pitch for a ghoul to run in and snatch the win.

Match 7. Fit and famous (amazon) v lions of  the three rings

Match 8. Fester city Poxes v ugly gitz
Lots of punches thrown, but the high armour of both teams meant little damage was done, the ugly gitz running out 2-0 winners with the most notable action of the match being when a Poxes pestigor fell flat on his face going for it to score in the first half.

So far we've seen pretty widespread use of the testimonial cards issued for the league, which double the winnings of the team playing it for one match, though no-one has made use if their free star player or the squig ball cards yet. 

Despite the high casualties, we've also not seen a bounty issued on any players, though with the mummy and black orcs gaining star player points quickly, that may only be a matter of time.

Two more matches due tonight, with the monster munchers (lizardmen) due to make their entry into the league.

Till next time, and remember, Chuck Norris doesn't go hunting, chuck Norris goes killing.