Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Shootout in Shining Falls

Evening all, hope you're dice are rolling well, I thought I'd share with you a scenario I've written (well, tweaked) for the opening game of my upcoming Necromunda Campaign, the fight for Shining Falls. So without further ado, here it is...

The game takes place in the main street of Shining Falls, when the growing confidence of several gangs results in their members walking the streets and frequenting the bars of the township. Several hours, and several bottles of wildsnake later, and the gang members lurch out into the street, spotting each other and instantly sobering up as tensions rise.

The gangs won’t back down, they’ve tiptoed around the riches of Shining Falls for too long and they’re here to take control, the only thing that stands between them and an easy life are the other gangs on the streets. One good fight will prove they’re the strongest gang in the region.

The tension rises, as the gangers front up to each other, and then the mood snaps - the gangers go for
their guns and the shooting starts. Blood will run in the streets of Shining Falls tonight.


The terrain is set up leaving an 8” gap down the centre representing the main street. This may be filled with barricades/debris etc to provide cover but must be free from buildings. The rest of the terrain is set up to resemble several buildings either side and at the ends of this thoroughfare.

The Gangs

Each gang brings their gang leader, and D3+3 randomly selected fighters to the shoot out , and is assigned a ‘home building’ from which their gangers emerge having drunk their fill. Gangers must therefore be set up within 4" of a doorway or other entrance into that home building. The gang’s fighters are split into groups, with D3 fighters in each group. No juve may be placed in a group that does not include a ganger, heavy or leader. Each group moves together and its members must remain within 2” of each other until the fast draw takes place. The groups move as noted in ‘The Build Up’, and may not be placed within 4” of another group from the same gang.

The Build up

The Build Up represents the tense atmosphere present prior to the shooting starting as the gangs realise the situation they’re in and refuse to back down from the situation.

In The Build Up, all the gangs move, then all gang test to keep their nerve as described later. Once one gang loses its nerve, proceed to The Fast Draw.

Groups of gang fighters must move slowly towards the nearest enemy gang group, at a speed of 1” per turn, and may not take advantage of cover unless this is directly between the two groups. After all groups of fighters have moved, make a Nerve roll, roll a D6 and write down the score, a roll of 6
counting as 0. Keep rolling for Nerve until one player’s total score exceeds 15, this is the gang whose
nerve breaks first, if several gangs go over this score on the same turn the highest total cracks first, if
those totals are the same then nerve broke at exactly the same moment.

See the experience section later for details of the results of being the first gang to crack!

The Fast Draw

The shooting order is determined as follows – for each fighter in your gang, roll a D6 and add their initiative, adding +1 if the model carries (and is using) a pistol, or taking -1 from the total if they use a heavy weapon. The highest score shoots first, with tied scores shooting simultaneously. The only exception being that if scores are tied, the lighter weapon category shoots first (so pistols before basic and special, which fire before heavy). At the end of the fast draw all gangs roll a D6 to determine who goes first, highest roll wins. The final part of the fast draw allows each group of gangers to move up to 4” to get into cover – this move is free and takes place after everyone has shot, and represents the gangers diving for cover once the bullets start flying.

Ending the Game

The game ends once all but one of the gangs have bottled out from the fight. No territory is given up as a result of the game regardless of the numbers of casualties on each side – the aftermath of the fight is so confused that no-one manages to wrest control from another gang.


+? Held Nerve. Each surviving fighter from a gang that held its nerve scores experience points equal to the difference between the two gangs nerve scores.

+D6 Survives. D6 Experience points are gained for each fighter who survives the game, regardless of
injuries during or after the shootout.

+5 per wounding hit. A fighter earns 5 points for each wounding hit he makes during the battle.
Although it is possible to inflict several wounds from one shot, only 5 points are earned when this
happens, not 5 points per wound (note that sustained fire count as individual shots for these purposes
provided the weapon only does 1 point of damage and not D3 etc)

+D6 Winning side. Each surviving fighter on the winning gang earns D6 experience points.