Thursday, 21 November 2013

Shining falls smash up.

Hi all, I've got a special post for you here, following on from a great game of Necromunda I had on wednesday evening.

First up, my gang rating was two points higher than Tonka, my opponent, so he got to choose the scenario and he plumped for ambush from the original rulebook. That meant I was going to be in the firing line from turn 1. Importantly, we both agreed that given how long games take to set up, we didn't want either gang bottling early, so agreed a house rule that no gang can bottle out in the first turn, even if they wanted to.

Probably a good thing, as both my heavies and crank, one of my BS4 gangers all went down early, falling off the walkways they were standing on at the time. Ouch, three down in the first turn, I needed to pull some casualties back, and quickly!

Fortunately, my guys didn't let me down, and the next six casualties were all down to the Death Spectres with Hawg, Boone, Brew, Maggot, Weasel and Butcher all picking up wounding shots or strikes. Of those, Weasel was probably the most impressive, taking down a Goliath heavy in close combat. At this point, things became even more messy, with a large combat erupting in the centre of the table as Butcher led Stumpy and Shock into a scrap with Rottmayer, Anon and Dr Hesse. Butcher quickly dispatched his opponent, and though he wasn't quick enough to prevent Dr Hesse from knocking out Shock, he was able to watch on as Stumpy took down Anon, who was toting a truly vast axe, before downing Dr Hesse as he turned tail and ran from the combat.

Hawg pulled off a master stroke, despite already suffering from a flesh wound, he loaded his last scatter shot round into the breach of his trusty shotgun, the blast spreading out to wound both Danko and Cane, and with that, the smash mob decided enough was enough, and they broke off their attack and vacated the field.

In doing so however, they took with them two captives, both Weasel and Boone having been dragged away by the Goliaths.

A resounding victory then, with only one casualty standing between me and stealing a territory from Tonka's gang (though we checked afterwards and it would have just been old ruins, so I'm not too disappointed).

Three games in and I'm really starting to see the benefits of the advances I gained early on, supplemented by some increases this time too. Boone is now BS5, Hawg can now Rapid Fire with his shotgun whilst Butcher now boasts 3 wounds. Brew is able to Rapid Fire his autogun at BS4 and Weasel is seeing the benefits of lifting weights, with his strength and initiative both now up to 4. Maggot has improved his aim to bring him to BS3, and Stumpy took a big step picking up 4 advances  this game to learn the step aside and parry skills, as well as reaching Toughness 4 and Leadership 7.

That leaves me with 4 members at BS4 or above, 3 gangers have T4, and I've got a bit of bottle resilience with two gangers at Ld8 in addition to my leader's Ld9.

Next game is the 3rd December and we should hopefully have 4 or 5 gangs involved on that occasion, so watch this space!