Monday, 11 November 2013

The value project part 4

Greetings all, I know, it's been a long time since I started on this project, and much has happened in the meantime to distract me from things:
1. My wife and I have started a family, and I'm sure as those of you with children will know, that restricts both funds and time for hobby projects
2. I've been commissioning a bloodbowl league at my club, including the production of a newsletter updating progress for the coaches (less regularly recently, due to an issue related to number 1 above)
3. I've started taking part in a necromunda campaign with some friends, 'the fight for shining falls', which meant stripping down and repainting my orlock gang.
4. The new space marine codex has been released, so naturally that meant starting a new marine force, the Iron Fists, a successor chapter to the Imperial Fists themselves.

For now though, I'm dedicating a bit of painting time to this project again, and I spent a productive couple if hours last week getting some basecoat on my half squad of sternguard. Ironically, the painting process for these guys has been considerably helped by painting my orlocks, since I'm using the same colour on part of the armour as I did on their clothing, and whilst it doesn't influence the armour too much, it certainly helps with their cloaks.

I have also, in the time between my last value project post and this one, made quite a bit of progress on my first drop pod, which will also be for the sternguard, and though an encounter with a rogue elbow in my garage resulted in a catastrophic crash landing on the concrete floor (yes, bits went everywhere, so much so in fact that a couple of guys mistook it in my game night box for a ruined drop pod scenic element for the battlefield (embarrassing!)) the paint job survived so a bit of glueing is all that's needed before I continue with the painting on it. Finally I've also begun work on my Soarta dreadnought in my lunchbreaks, so here are the first few tentative steps.

In other news, I'm continuing work on my Iron Fists marines now that I've got the majority of my Necromunda gang finished, here's the latest updates.

Till next time remember, chuck Norris has counted to infinity.