Monday, 25 November 2013

The value project - part 6 (tired of red yet?)

Hi all, 
Here's my Monday painting update for you all, as feared I didn't have quite so much time this week for painting and modelling progress, largely limited to a few hours on Friday evening. I still managed visible progress however, and got the base couple of coats of red on a combat squad of tactical marines.

Left to right there are:
•Iosif Arcos
•Vilhelm Croditier
•Liviu Vulpes
•Frantisek Vladoiu
•Oviduiu Boroi

I spent a further 80 minutes last night magnetising the arms to go on the models, for two reasons. First, magnetising the arms gives me the option to re-arm them at a later date with either close combat weapons or alternative bolters. Second, some of the more extreme poses will struggle to fit into a carry case, and by magnetising the arms I can minimise breakages in transit.

I also managed a small amount of work on their drop pod, so here's a couple of pics of which direction that's going in (and no, I don't mean down!)

As you can see, still plenty of work to be done here, but I don't want it to lag too far behind the squad members or it'll hold up me actually getting them onto the tabletop (for those who aren't familiar with this project, red space marines take me back to my 40k roots so none of them will appear in a game unless they're finished).

I haven't posted the time breakdown for quite a while on these guys, so here's the up to date list for value purposes.
Soarta Dread: £3.11 per hour (8 hours 55 minutes total)
Sternguard (including drop pod): £5.29 per hour (12 hours total)
Sanguinary Guard: £2.28 per hour (8 hours 55 minutes total)
Soarta: £4.82 per hour (8 hours 30 minutes total)
Tactical Squad: £5.30 per hour (7 hours 45 minutes total)