Friday, 24 January 2014

Iron fists vs the unholy alliance

Hi guys, just a quick report today on my game from last night. Due to a mix up I ended up hijacking a proxy game between two of the other club members, meaning my iron fists faced off against a mix of Grey Knights and Daemons (come the apocalypse doesn't quite cover it really)

I should note right from the start that both armies facing me were proxies, and initial tests to see what would work for them before really starting their collections.

That being said, it was also the first outing for my iron fists, and never having used bikes or centurions before, the only things in my list I'm familiar with are the 5-man tactical squad and the storm talon.

We started by rolling the crusade mission with diagonal deployment. I won the roll off for first turn and made sure that only a single objective was in my deployment zone. I split one of my bike units into combat squads, giving me a multi melta attack bike in a unit with two melta guns and a plain unit of 5 bikes to go with my full bike squad and the command squad.

My opponents largely deployed in cover, with the only truly exposed piece being the soul grinder.

Turn 1 and my expectations of the centurions were fully met, as they advanced 6" and destroyed the soul grinder in a flurry of las cannon beams and krak missile detonations. Everything else moved forward to engage with the exception of the tactical squad, who uncovered a grav wave generator nearby.

I survived largely unscathed with only about 4 bikes going down. The screamers were aiming for my stalker but with a lord of change flying around I couldn't afford to be distracted.

I responded by wounding The Lord of change with the stalker, and my command squad moved into position to assault a henchmen squad in a chimera. Most of the turn focused on whittling down the grey knight strike squad from the centre of the table. I lost a few more bikes this time around, mainly through all my opponents fire being concentrated on the large squad. The flamers took down the melta squad. In response the screamers assaulted the stalker and destroyed it.

Next turn The Lord of change went down, my storm talon arrived and grounded it, and it was finished off by rapid firing bolters from the tactical squad. The small bike squad assaulted the chimera and wrecked it with krak grenades, though they were wiped out by return fire from the second henchman squad and coteaz manning his quad gun.

More fire poured into the strike squad and I took them down to a single model. The screamers assaulted the centurions but the higher strength and toughness in comparison to normal marines told, an over two turns they won the combat, killing both screamers.

The warp storm table finally struck at me, killing one centurion and taking a wound from a second. The command squad assaulted coteaz' unit, and though captain Sakai issued a challenge needing only a single wound to kill the enemy warlord, he passed all his saves. Still, the rest of the combat went my way, and in the next round coteaz fell to a veterans power axe. 

All that remained was the mopping up, as the storm talon, remaining bikes, tactical marines and centurion wiped the enemy out.

The centurions performed really well, and though they were never fired at with any level of commitment, they were irritating my opponent significantly by the end of the game. The storm talon also did me proud, grounding The Lord of change to allow the tactical squad to finish it off, and the command squad weathered a veritable storm of fire, despite coteaz forcing me to re-roll successful saves, though this was in part thanks to their feel no pain roll being increased to 4+ by the daemons.

They would really benefit from a chaplain allowing re-rolls to hit in the first turn of combat, but to fit him in I would need to drop either the tactical squad or half a bike squad. The captain could really use eternal warrior though, as he was instant death'ed by the only wound coteaz caused on him, so I might have to look at re jigging a few bits to get him the shield eternal rather than a normal storm shield.