Monday, 13 January 2014

Monday hobby update

Hi all, Monday comes round quick doesn't it! Still, here's my regular painting and construction update for you all.

This week has been entirely focused on my iron fists, and though there doesn't seem to be a massive amount of progress from last time, believe me some hours have still gone into them. I'm now at the stage where all the bikes and almost all the riders, plus the tactical marines have got the basic layers finished, that comprises 'The Fang' undercoat, Fenrisian Grey for most areas, with the engine parts in lead belcher and the trim in Balthasar gold. This is then washed all over with agrax earth shade and left to dry for a while. Over that is layered more Fenrisian grey, leaving just the recesses with the wash in them, whilst the trim is layered with gehenna's gold and the engine and exhausts with ironbreaker. Finally the Fenrisian grey areas will get an edge highlight of ulthuan grey, rivets are picked out in iron breaker and the silver and gold areas will be highlighted with runefang steel and auric armour gold respectively. All that then remains is to paint the auspex screen on the bike and the switches and we're done.

Once these bad boys are finished I'll be assembling and painting the next batch, I've got another 12 bikes, 2 attack bikes, a stalker tank and 3 devastator centurions on order. That's plenty to keep me busy for the foreseeable!

Hope you enjoyed the update,