Monday, 6 January 2014

New Year Hobby resolutions

Hi all, so we're into a new year and I have to decide what my hobby goals are going to be for 2014.

This is a whole lot more organised than I've been before, when I've basically let the hobby flow over me and take stuff as it comes.

This year however I want to take control more, so I've already set out my first priority in terms of painting - my iron fists. I'm about to put in an order to Dark Sphere to complete my first 1500 points, and painting is already underway on the parts I've already got. Here's everything so far, comprising Captain and command squad, storm talon, tactical squad and half a bike squad. Still to come therefore are another 12 bikes, 2 attack bikes, 3 centurion devastators and a stalker tank.

Onto gaming matters then, and first up for completion is a three game campaign called '40k - it's war' that  Frank over at The Eternal Wargamer and I are running at our club, MAD Wargames. I'm taking the Iron Fists on the side of order alongside two guard armies and a Tau force, and we're facing off against another Tau army, misled by the Dark Eldar and backed up by chaos marines and rebel guardsmen. 

After that we've got the MAD league bloodbowl going on, where I'm currently topping the table, though the teams behind have games in hand. My aim here is to get into the play-offs and see what I can do from there.

Next is the fight for shining falls necromunda campaign, where I'm leading the way with my Orlocks. We don't have a set end target for this campaign, but my next game will be a match up against Pete's Salvage Snakes supported by an Arbites squad, which will be tricky indeed. It does give Boone a chance to take his boys up against burnout though, who killed shock a couple of games ago.

Looking longer term, I've got a campaign planned out for 40k for late summer, and the MAD sevens will be taking place every quarter, which is a kill team event for seven players. I placed second in the inaugural event before Christmas so it'd be great to get one better this year, though we're ruling that you can't use the same team in two sequential events, so I might bring out the iron fists this time.

Finally then, I plan to keep track of my results for the year, hopefully identifying my weak areas so I can work on them. So far this stands at Dark Eldar - 1 win (Chaos Marines) 1 loss (Khorne Daemons),  bloodbowl 1 draw against lizardmen.